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We manufacture a diverse line of data communications products and provide quality services such as project design, installation, and of course, maintenance. From the Technical Support page, you can link to hypertext manuals covering many of our products. Below are links to our product datasheets grouped by category. Most data sheets are available in both .PDF and .HTML format. You can download the latest Adobe ® PDF reader here.

Most product manuals are also available for download directly from the individual data sheets or from this location.

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Industrial RS-232-RS-422 Interface Converter Industrial Rated RS-422 to RS-232 Converter. Converts RS-232 interfaces to RS-422. Screw connectors for RS-422 or 4-wire RS-485, DE-9 (PC-9 Pin) connector for RS-232. These were designed for extreme duty industrial use with power supplies between 6 and 72 VDC.

RS-232 to RS-422 Interface Converter Converts RS-232 interfaces to RS-422. Uses RJ-45 connectors. These were designed to use with our equipment, but work well with most RS-232 interfaces.

RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converter Converts RS-232 interfaces to RS-422 or RS-485 2-wire. Uses RJ-45 connectors. This converter actually re-generates the bytes and may be used as a short-haul modem to drive a 4-wire line up to 5,000 feet. Works with multi-point or point-to-point RS-485. Industrial temperature rated.

RS-530 to RS-232 Interface Converter The RRC-1 onverts RS-530 DTE device interface to work with RS-232 DCE equipment.

VRC-1 RS-232 to V.35 Interface Converter Converts V.35 DTE to work with RS-232 DCE equipment.

Conitel Protocol Converter Converts that old 32 bit Conitel or Racal REDAC protocol to allow transport over asynchronous 8-bit communications devices. Often used with our EtherPoll ethernet gateway to transport Conitel via ethernet. Special firmware is also available that transports 11 bit words.

SAC-128 Async-Sync Converter Converts asynchronous RS-232 to Synchronous RS-232 at speeds up to 128 Kbps. The SAC-128 will provide clocking signals or accept them from the DTE device.

HDLC-Sync to Async Converter Converts synchronous HDLC to Asynchronous for transmission over Async links. Will either provide or accept clocking.

PPP-SR Sync PPP - Async PPP converter One to Four Port Sync to Async PPP conversion

MSU-6 Modem Port Sharing Unit An active six port modem sharing unit that works equally well with synchronous or asynchronous data ports.

Async Sharing Unit 4 to 32 port RS-232 Asynchronous data sharing unit, Shares data from one port to up to 32 ports, combines data coming the reverse direction. Ideal for POS devices, SCADA, paging, and machine control.

SPL-DS Data Selector 2 to 14 ports, asynchronous data selector, Used to provide 1 to 14 port unit addressing on broadcast networks or multi-drop lines. Ideal for SCADA, data display applications, and machine control.

Data Broadcast Switch 8 to 32 port RS-232 data broadcast unit with reverse channels, Ideal for SCADA, paging, and machine control.

DC Input
Power Supplies
Optional power supplies with inputs of 12, 24, 48, or 125 Vdc for most DCB equipment.

EtherPath SS-1 Single Port Ethernet RS-232 Server A single port terminal server with the ability to have a "nailed" ethernet connection to a second unit.

OEM-56/64 OEM 56/64 Kbps DDS DSU/CSU OEM version of our popular 56/64 Kbps stand-alone DSU

Modem Push-To-Talk Adapter Push-To-Talk adapter for modem over radio connections. Provides that important 20 msec RTS delay allowing the radio transmitter to "settle" before modem audio is presented to the radio. This insures the audio channel of the radios are ready before the terminal data is transmitted into the radio link by the modems.

Surge Protectors
These are recommended for all long RS-232 runs. Inexpensive protection.

Rack Mount Chassis Rack mount chassis for all DCB card-level products. Uses the PS-8 power supply.

SA-1 Speaker Amplifier Small speaker amplifier with optional 1U high rack mount. This amplifier drives an 8 ohm speaker from the SR-VM voice multiplexer E&M port. It is used for monitoring and as an "order wire" on one-way voice applications.

PNE - Ethernet Packet Network Emulator PNE, the Ethernet / Packet Network Emulator, an easy to use small bench top unit, is a powerful simulation device, and a tool to aid testing. This tool allows you to simulate a real, imperfect network between equipment under test to determine how well it handles “real world” problems by inserting real-world packet handling imperfections. It can be used stand-alone or in-line with a real, physical network. Click here to read the details.

BT-1 Bit Error Rate Tester The BERT test equipment we use in our lab. Couldn't find the features we needed, so we built our own unit.

Relay Operational Time Tester The Relay Operation Time Tester is a small, compact device that will activate DC relays and measure the relay activation time. Commonly used for Power Industry Protection Relaying and Transfer Trip testing as well as verifying packet netework delays vs TDM performance

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