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We manufacture a diverse line of data communications products and provide quality services such as project design, installation, and of course, maintenance. From the Technical Support page, you can link to hypertext manuals covering many of our products. Below are links to our product datasheets grouped by category. Most data sheets are available in both .PDF and .HTML format. You can download the latest Adobe ® PDF reader here.

Most product manuals are also available for download directly from the individual data sheets or from this location.

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RS-232 Access Switch 4 to 152 ports of remote access, supports RS-232 and remote power control

APS Remote Power Access Switch Remote AC power control module for use with the Access Switch

RS-232 Universal Switch Any port -to- any port version of remote access, like a RS-232 PBX system.

EtherPath SS-1R Single Port Ethernet RS-232 Server Pipe RS-232 connections through an ethernet LAN/WAN, or connected to the Access Switch via Ethernet

EtherPathX4 Four Port Ethernet
RS-232/485 Server
A four port ethernet serial server with the ability to have a "nailed" ethernet connection to other units. User can also telnet to this device to access its RS-232/.485 ports. Ideal way to add remote serial devices to an ethernet LAN.

SR Data Concentrator 8 to 32 port data concentrator, Simplex or Duplex, Suitable for satellite operation

Data Broadcast Switch 8 to 32 port RS-232 data broadcast unit with reverse channels, Ideal for SCADA, paging, and machine control.

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