Remote Power Control APS-01

  • Remote AC Control Unit
  • Provides Status output
  • Compatible with DCB Access Switches and IP-series routers
  • Simple RJ-45 connections
  • 10 Amp Rating
  • Rack Mount Option Available
  • Re-boot Remote Equipment
  • Switches power based upon status of RS-232 control leads


Control Input
AC Output
Indicators (rear panel)
Operation (when used with DCB Access Switch)


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The APS-01 Access Power Switch controls AC power to any remote equipment. When used with the DCB Access Switch, it allows the equipment to be turned on, off, and power cycled from any remote PC or terminal. When used with the DCB router, it allows the equipment to be turned on, off, and power cycled from any remote PC web browser. Easy Access Switch configuration provides options for power cycle delay time, sequencing of multiple power modules, normally on or off conditions, and control of any number of AC devices from one to 152 using larger Acess Switch systems.

The APS-01 contains fail-safe circuitry and the ability to read power status remotely. It provides the controlling device with status information on whether its controlled device has AC power available and reports the status of its internal switch. In the event the controlling Access Switch is disconnected, the APS-01 "fails" with power on to its controlled device, protecting file servers and communications equipment from power disruption caused by wiring changes and equipment replacements.

The DCB Access Switch allows RS-232 control and remote power control modules (APS-01) to be mixed on the same incoming remote control modem. The system (containing an APS-01 and an Access Switch may also be connected to a LAN using the AS-LAN Ethernet Interface to allow RS-232 and remote power control via multiple routes, including LAN/WAN telnet, local terminal, and out-of-band modem.

When combined with the IP-6600 router, remote power control is just a click away using the IP-6600 router's management web browser screens, one can power on, power off, or reboot any AC powered equipment remotely.

When used alone (without the Access Switch or DCB router), the APS-01 switches AC power based upon the state of its RS-232 control leads. There is no ASCII command capability, and no API available for computer control. The control is performed by changing the RS-232 control lead status (which may be wired to RTS, CD, etc) of an attached controlling RS-232 device.

This power controller switches the power based upon the state of RS-232 Control Leads. If you need a similar unit that switches based upon ASCII commands (such as ON, OFF, CYCLE), order the SPS-01 power controller. For a network-controlled switch, order the NPS-01 and control AC power using a Web Browser, Telnet, or SNMP through LAN or WAN Networks.



One AC power port
One RS-232 control port

Control Input and Status

Connector: RJ-45 (8-wire)
Control Input: Pin 2 input +5 to +12 VDC for device on, -5 to -12 VDC for device off
Device Present: Ties pin 1 and pin 8 together to indicate APS present
Status: Pin 3 ties to pin 1 when device is on and powered

AC Output

One port 120 VAC, 10 amp continuous

Fail-safe on when RS-232 port disconnected

Indicators (rear panel)

AC Power on
Load Power on

Operation Commands ONLY when used with DCB Access Switch

Setup Command

Port ID

Operational Commands

Port ON
Port OFF
Port Status
Port Cycle

These commands are only available when the APS-01 is used in conjunction with a DCB Access Switch (APS-04, etc). Where used with DCB routers (IP-9600, etc.), a web screen in the normal router user interface contains click buttons for similar functions. If the APS-01 is used with non-DCB equipment, the power control and status are only avaialable via the RS-232 control signals described above in the Control Input section.


Power requirements: 120 VAC, 10 amps or less, depending upon attached equipment

This product uses a solid state relay switching the AC power for long term reliability. Solid state relays always allow some leakage current when in the off state. For this product, leakage current may be as high as 7 ma to 14 ma. Some applications may require a mechanical relay which do not allow leakage current, this product is not appropriate for those applications.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 5.<75" x 5.5"
Rack mount option available (3 units mount in 1.75" of rack space)



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APS-01 Remote Power Control - 120 VAC $220 Qty:
9505014 Unpinned Adapter, RJ-45 to 9-pin DE9P (PC-9 pin connector) $ 12 Qty:
9505012 Unpinned Adapter, RJ-45 to 25-pin DB25P (PC-25 pin connector) $ 12 Qty:
9902090 Optional DIN rail mounting clips $ 5 Qty:
9902095 19" Rack mount bracket for 1 to 3 APS-01 units $ 75 Qty:

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