News from 2001 and 2002
New Modbus/TCP to Serial Modbus Gateway

DCB Announces New Modbus Ethernet Gateway.
Simple installation provides an attractive method to enable older serial RTUs that speak Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII to operate with newer Modbus/TCP hosts.

Data Comm for Business, Inc. (DCB), a leader in manufacturing innovative data communications equipment since 1981, announces their new EMB-2 Modbus Gateway. This new ethernet to serial Modbus gateway connects serial RTUs running Modbus protocols to a Modbus/TCP host. The Ethernet side of the gateway communicates at 10 or 100Mbs using 10/100BaseT, and the serial side uses either RS-422/485 or RS-232 in point-to-point mode, or RS-485 2-wire in multi-point mode. The unit contains two serial ports, so the interfaces may be mixed, or multiple strings of RTUs run from a single gateway.

New Ethernet Bridges

DCB Announces EtherBridge for Point-to Point and Point-to-Multipoint Ethernet Bridging
Simple installation provides an attractive alternative to IP routing for last mile connections over DDS, modems, or wireless asynchronous links.

Data Comm for Business, Inc. (DCB), a leader in manufacturing innovative data communications equipment since 1981, announces their new EtherBridge asynchronous Ethernet bridge. This new bridge connects mission-critical LANs over most any asynchronous wide area network. Its applications range from security and traffic control to financial transactions, process industries and SCADA applications. Read the announcement here.

ERCOT Selects EtherPolls

The Nation's Largest Electric Reliability Council Maintains Constant Data Analysis via Always-On Communications Path
The EtherPoll, a DCB Ethernet-enabled device, helps Texas' ERCOT poll RTUs over "packet" networks, permitting instantaneous backup.

Under constant scrutiny by local public utility commissions, independent system operators (ISOs) throughout the country must, first and foremost, ensure the fail-safe reliability of their operations. Without the continuous up-to-the-second monitoring and analysis of field data, ISOs cannot carryout their mission as arbiter and guarantor of the electric grid upon which its constituents rely. Read the article here.

We Moved!

We moved! We're now at our new campus, and it's great! For the last few years we've been cramped and severely limited by space constraints. Now... it's like a little bit of heaven... four large buildings with plenty of room to grow, a few peaceful acres, and no more parking problems. Of course, there are still challenges. Several large moving vans seemed to have left their contents in one or two rooms... I'm still trying to find my coffee pot and that beautiful wall hanging (the one with RS-232 pin-outs). Remodeling is still in process on the second floor and one of the warehouse buildings, but we are getting settled in. We all thank you for helping us those few days when were unable to provide the top notch customer service our reputation requires.. Thanks for the consideration!

Although our new location is only about 10 miles away, we not only have a new address, but the mail is delivered from another town... so the address changes, the phones change, but the confusion is becoming a thing of the past. New contact information is on the web here.

Office building in front center, Flow solder and manufacturing in the right rear building. Warehouse and manufacturing in the center rear building (only the right end shows), and more warehouse in the building on the left hidden by trees.

New Ethernet
WAN Bridge

The EtherSeries Bridge is a small, simple Ethernet WAN bridge. It connects two LAN together via asynchronous links provided by satellite, radio, modem, or other connections. No configuration required, but with Advanced Management turned on, it allows management via web browser or telnet, and supports SNMP. It's low cost and operating at speeds (from 300 bps up to 230 Kbps) make it ideal for SCADA and small LAN extensions.. Read the datasheet here.

New CDPD Applications Note

Remote Ethernet via AirLink Raven CDPD Modems and DCB Routers.
The IP-5200 asynchronous router works hand-in-hand with an AirLink Communications AirLink Raven CDPD Modem to provide remote Ethernet connectivity. This Application Note provided by AirLink tells how to configure this winning pair. Read the data sheet here.

New DNP-3 Ethernet Gateway

The EtherGate efficiently transports DNP-3 Protocols via Ethernet.
The Ethergate is a SCADA communications serial server that allows multi-drop RS-232 DNP-3 devices to use Ethernet LAN's. The EtherGate connects async serial devices running SCADA protocols through a LAN and between LAN's via routers. Since the EtherGate is protocol aware, it uses the Ethernet much more efficiently than TCP/IP or broadcast UDP based serial servers. This makes it ideal for bandwidth limited applications. Read the data sheet here.

Join us at DistribuTECH 2002

Join us at DistribuTECH 2002, Feb 27 - Mar 1 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL.. This is the show for utility automation - controls and solutions for utilities. Our engineers will present the paper "THE SCADA WIDE AREA NETWORK - A CURE FOR VANISHING MODEM LINES" in the conference series. We'll also be in booth 1847, stop by for a visit.
Optimizing SCADA Network Communications

Optimizing SCADA Network Communications, : An Overview of Metropolitan Wide SCADA Communications Options
A technical paper presented at the World of Water 2001 Conference, "Optimizing SCADA Network Communications: An Overview of Metropolitan Wide SCADA Communications Options" is now available on the web site.Read it now. The Power Point slide presentation is available for download here (3.7 Mbyte file).

SCADA Protocols and Frame Relay Networks

SCADA Protocols over Frame Relay -
Supporting Modbus, DNP, and others without configuration?

DCB supplies several products that allow asynchronous SCADA protocols such as DNP and Modbus to be transported using frame relay or ethernet networks. One unique feature of these products is their ability to handle most any byte-oriented protocol without protocol specific configuration. This short note describes this feature and its benefits along with some information on how it works. Read it now.

SCADA Using Frame Relay Networks

The most commonly used wide area networking technology for SCADA systems is the venerable leased line and multi-drop modem. The infrastructure required to support this technology is fast becoming excessively costly as telephone carriers migrate to packet switched technology solutions. Current SCADA systems can be migrated to new Frame Relay wide area networks without costly deployment of new RTU and host equipment by using Frame Relay FRADS designed to support legacy SCADA protocols. This paper discusses the economics, practicality, and reliability of commercial Frame Relay networking for SCADA systems. Originally presented at Entelec 2001.
Read it now.

SCADA Frame Relay Bandwidth Detailed

SCADA applications over Frame Relay require very little bandwidth. So why would we even bring up the discussion about bandwidth when using our BPF (a SCADA FRAD communications device) for SCADA over Frame Relay? Because the issue comes up every single time a customer installs a system.
Read "SCADA over Frame Relay - How Much Bandwidth is really needed?"
New FRAD for Conitel Protocol

DCB is developing a Conitel version of the BPF, Broadcast Polling Frad. The Conitel BPF will transport Conitel SCADA protocol over public and private frame relay networks. Conitel is a SCADA protocol developed by Leads and Northrup in the days before ASCII become common, before the days of on-line computing, and before the days of chips that handle ASCII characters.

Conitel uses a 31 bit long data word, instead of the common 10 bits for ASCII asynchronous data. DCB's new product development will allow Conitel protocol, the ulitimate older style protocol (legacy) to operate over a modern and cost effective frame relay network.

Why convert the old Conitel equipment to frame relay networks? Because it is very cost effective. The alternatives include changing out an entire SCADA system which can cost up to $50,000 per location when a new computer system, a new RTU and all the labor is tallied up. And staying with the old analog phone lines may cost 20% to 50% more than frame relay lines.

The DCB BPF is the answer for migrating Conitel, Racal-Redac, Modbus, DNP, and other SCADA systems to frame relay. DCB has all the pieces. The DSU's, 202T modems and the BPF FRAD. Call or email for more information.

SCADA Over Frame Relay!

The latest Power Engineering International Magazine contains a feature article that discusses running polling SCADA networks over a frame relay network and the economy of running multiple SCADA systems over a single shared radio communications network. Read it now.
SCADA Over Frame Relay!

SCADA over Frame Relay - How Much Bandwidth is really needed? is an applications note that discusses the low bandwidth requirement when running polling SCADA networks over a frame relay network. Most frame relay suppliers don't understand the nature of polling systems, and this discussion will help them appreciate the efficiency and low bandwidth requirements of SCADA networking. Read it now.
Interesting Datacom Trivia Apnote!

After reading our T1 white paper, a number of customers asked us "Where'd the "T" come from in T-1, T-3, etc.? There are many stories floating around (such as T=Time, T= Transmission, T=Terrestrial, Just the next letter in sequence, etc.). We thought the best place to get the true story would be from someone who helped develop this technology. So, we asked our friend Dr John Pan.
Here's his answer.
NEW SCADA EtherPoll Modem!

The EtherPoll is a SCADA communications serial server that allows multi-drop devices to use Ethernet LAN's. The EtherPoll connects any async serial device through a LAN and between LAN's via routers. The EtherPoll is designed specifically to support asynchronous polling protocols, such as Poll Select, Modbus, DNP, etc. This product compliments our EtherPath® ethernet modem and is preferred where more robust polling protocals are used.Go to the data sheet.
NEW 202T Modem!

This new Bell 202T compatible modem operates at 0 to1200 bps asynchronous with FSK modulation. It is a new design using the latest DSP modem circuitry to insure excellent performance and future availability..Go to the data sheet.
NEW RRC-1 RS-530 to RS-232 Converter

This new product provides conversion between the RS-530 interface on many new data communications products and the commonly used RS-232 interface used by most terminal devices.Go to the data sheet.
CDPD Modems And Remote Ethernet Devices

CDPD modems (cellular wireless modems) can co-exist with remote ethernet-enabled devices such as remote terminal units (RTU) and embedded web servers. This applications note describes an application where a DCB IP-5200 asynchronous router was used to enable remote oilfield controllers to communicate with a host computer and publish their information directly on the Interne... wirelessly. Firewalling and network address translation (NAT) are supported in this application. Read the applilcations note.
2001 Solutions Guide Now Available

The 2001 edition of our Wide Area Networking Solutions Guide is now available. You can download a PDF version to view on your computer or print right now; or, send an email or phone mesage to us and we'll mail a printed copy. This 24 page guide has technology tutorials as well as specifications and descriptions of our most popular products. Grab a copy or send us an email to get your's now.
New Wireless Factory Floor Communications

DCB introduces a new wireless factory floor data communications system, the WSS SR-1W.
The WSS SR-1W is a wireless data communications system used to collect data from up to 96 remote factory floor devices. It then delivers that data error-free to a host computer over a single RS-232 port. Since the WSS-SR-1W is wireless, it eliminates the need to wire data collection stations back to the central data collection point. This is especially important for applications in the food processing industry and hazardous locations, where daily cleaning and periodiodic work station moves are an expensive maintenance problem. Read the data sheet or manual.

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