News From 2000

New Sync-Async Converter Announced

DCB introduces a new synchronous to asynchronous RS-232 converter, SAC-128
This new model converts asynchronous RS-232 data at up to 115.2 Kbps to run over synchronous DCE links at up to 128 Kbps. The SAC-128 has RS-232 ports for both input and output. Read the data sheet or manual.
Port Redirection and the EtherPath

"Using the EtherPath with Unix and PC Port Redirection" is an article that discusses the options available when using port redirection software and custom-written software to access remote serial ports with the EtherPath serial device server. Sources of sample programs and free port redirector software are provided.Read the Applications Note!
New EtherPath Magazine Article On-line

"Globally Serial: Extending the Reach of your Serial Devices Around the World" is an article that recently apeared in information technology trade journals. This article discusses the use of DCB's EtherPath external device servers and how they are used to connect RS-232 serial devices using a wide area ethernet network. Read the article!
Async Sharing Unit Introduced

Introducing the new ASU, Asynchronous Data Sharing Unit. This versitile product allows incoming RS-232 data to be shared with from 8 to 32 output ports. The incoming data on each of those ports is combined and presented on the primary port. Data control is through verious methods such as RTS/CTS control or combiner mode. Port speeds to 38,400 bps, anti-streaming is available. This economical product may be customized with firmware for unique OEM applications. See the data sheet or read the manual.
New SCADA Paper

"SCADA Communications over Frame Relay: Introducing the Broadcast Polling FRAD" is our latest white paper. In this analysis, we discuss using Frame Relay for SCADA communications and how our BPF SCADA FRAD is used. A good tutorial on Frame Relay networking as well as introduction to Frame Relay for SCADA practitioners. Click here to go directly to this paper, or here to see the index of all our SCADA papers.
New Web Update!

Most all DCB product manuals are now on the web! This update adds the downloadable, printable, PDF version of our user manuals. You can download the manual and print out everything but the cover page, insuring that you have the information you need before and after purchasing our products. If you need a manual that isn't here yet ,give us a call or email for a copy. The manual index is organized similarly to our Products page.
New EtherPath Features!
SNMP, Web Configuration, EtherModem

Version 2.1 of the Etherpath Serial Server has been released and is currently shipping. This version adds significent benefits and ease of use to the Etherpath Serial Server line. It supports configuration over the network using a new web browser interface, SNMP, and DCB's exclusive EtherModem ethernet dialing technology. Using EtherModem features, a client Etherpath unit may "dial" multiple Etherpath servers under user control by using modem type commands such as ATD, ATE, and standard modem disconnect strings. Simply use the IP address and port number as you would use telephone numbers on a telephone modem. This firmware also adds a "reverse telnet" feature that allows the EtherPath to connect to any remote telnet server using either hardware-controled or AT type dial commands. COM: port redirection software is available from DCB or third parties for Windows, AIX, SCO, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems. By using this redirection software, the Etherpath functions as a remote COM: port from anywhere on the LAN/WAN. Read the data sheet or manual! Contact us for OEM sales or custom firmware.

Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative Saves over $70,000 a year.

The story about how a large electric cooperative used SCADA Multiplexers from DCB to combine a Load Management System and a SCADA system over a single multi-drop radio system. Using SCADA-Mux equipment, two SCADA systems with incompatible protocols are communicating over an economical wide area network.

Join Us at IWCE
Wireless Voice & Data

Join us at IWCE in Las Vegas this March. At Booth No. 573, our engineers will be demonstrating a high speed 23 Ghz link running simultaneous video, voice, and data links. A SCADA application will be simulated through the link using our EtherPath RS-232 to ethernet serial servers, while video conferencing and telephones are sharing the link. This is an application of the SR-VM Voice Multiplexer sending raw audio on one channel, telephone communications on another channel, while also transporting several channels of data.

New 2000
Solutions Guide
Now Available!

The 2000 Wide Area Solutions Guide is now available! Covering a wide range of communications technologies and DCB products, this guide helps you to understand the use of DCB products ranging from the latest DSP modems and SCADA Polling Masters to the common DSU/CSU and RS-232 statistical multiplexer. Ask for a printed copy or download the pdf version, it's one of the last free things in life.

Applications Note:
Using the SR-DC Data Concentrator
Some Implementation Examples

The SR-DC Data Concentrator can provide advanced RS-232 data interleaving or multiplexing in a paired configuration or stand-alone when using a customer provided PC or workstation to decode the data. It is especially useful on non-error corrected, one-way data links and to combine multiple log outputs into a single logging stream. Read the Application Note here.

As Predicted, Y2K was a non-event for DCB Products

As predicted by DCB Technical Support Staff, the Y2K rollover was a complete no-show when it comes to DCB products. No Y2K related problems were reported on any DCB products. The only "pseudo Y2K" support call received was from a user who "plugged the Christmas lights into the power strip powering your multiplexer. When we turned off the Christmas lights (using the power strip), the multiplexer went off". Our suggestion was for the user to turn on the power strip.

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