IP-9600 General Purpose WAN Router

WAN Router with Sync, Async, 100BaseT, 10BaseT Ports - Industrial Rated (-40 to +75C)

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  • Industrial rated -40 to +70 C
  • Two Ethernet ports: 10BaseT, 10/100BaseT
  • Four serial RS-232 ports, all async, or 2 of 4 sync
  • Internal or external sync clock
  • Can be ordered with 1 balanced RS-530/V35 port
  • Each port is independent
  • "Always-On" Backup ISP fail-over feature
  • Web browser configuration and management
  • Multiple configuration files
  • Extensive statistics logging and diagnostic tools
  • NAT, port forwarding, port/address filtering
  • Excellent as a Firewall Appliance
  • Extensive firewall and security features
  • Authentication with PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP(1&2)
  • Dedicated PPP or Frame Relay link, dial-out, dial-in, or dial-on-demand combinations
  • Link LAN to LAN or remote computer dial-in
  • DHCP server or client
  • Serial Port Server and APS-01 Compatibillity
  • Compact size, stand-alone or rack mounting
  • AC and DC power supply options


The IP-9600 is an industrial rated router with 4 serial ports and 2 Ethernet LAN ports. All four serial ports may be configured as asynchronous. One or two of the ports can be synchronous with external clocking on both ports, internal clocking on one port. The IP-9600 may be used for connections needing up to T1 speeds.

The four RS-232 serial ports operate at async speeds from 300 bps to 230 Kbps. One sync port is RS-232 up to 1 Mbps, the other, when ordered as RS-530, can be clocked up to 1.544 mbps. Serial ports may be used to link two separate remote sites with leased or dial connections, one port used for an ISP connection, another for dial-in, each used for combined dial-in and dial-on-demand dial-out, or other combinations.

The two ethernet LAN connections (one 10BaseT, the other auto-switching at 10 or 100BaseT) may be configured on different LAN segments for DMZ routing, firewalling and port/address filtering, or used as a DSL or cable modem adjunct for network address translation (NAT).

The IP-9600 works well with DSL, cable or dial modems, leased line modems, CDPD or GSM modems, wireless links, satellite modems, T1 DSUs, the DCB DL-56 DSU, or even simple line drivers.

Flexibility is the key. Routing may be between any combination of interfaces with full-featured port or address filtering, port forwarding, and NAT. The same port may even be configured for dial-out/dial-on-demand while accepting dial-in calls from portable computer users. It’s easily configured for “stay-online” dial connections.

Configuration is quick and easy using a web browser. The router uses 3 different configurations: a stored configuration, a working (running) configuration, and a pending configuration. This method allows temporary configuration changes, testing, and remote configuration changes even via a PPP link on the router. Configurations may be saved on a PC for later use, and the config file is editable on a PC.

Additional serial port functionality includes serial device server operation that is compatible with DCB EtherPath serial servers, as well as remote Power Control using the DCB APS-01 remote power control unit

The IP-9600 is straight-forward, easy to configure and maintain. The IP-9600 has the features you want without the complexity.


Four RS-232 serial ports, all 4 async, up to 2 sync:

Two Ethernet ports:




DIP switch:

Protocol Features



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