IP-6440 Inverse Multiplexer

The IP-6440 was replaced with the higher performance IP-6416 Inverse Multiplexer. The IP-6416 provides connectivity between 10/100/1000BaseT/GbE and up to 16 T1 or E1 Lines.
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Inverse Muliplexer provides connectivity between 10/100BaseT and up to Four E1 lines

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  • Support WAN link, which is virtually concatenated n x E1 (n can be 1 to 4)
  • Support up to 64ms (configurable for 16, 32, and 64ms) of transmission different delay between E1s.
  • GFP (Generic Frame Protocol) is used to map the Ethernet packet into the virtually-concatenated E1’s.
  • Support 10/ 100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Support Tx (Transmit)/ Rx (Receiver) auto reverse function
  • Support 10M or 100M auto detecting function
  • Support timing sources selection from (1) a certain E1 from n x E1, (2) External clock, (3) Internal
  • Support Alarm Relay
  • Support local control and diagnostic via DB9S console port
  • Support Ethernet, SNMP, and inband management
  • Support VLAN packet transparent... Up to 1916 bytes for optional MAC learning is included.
  • Multicolor LED indicators.


The Loop-IP 6440 IP Inverse Multiplexer provides connectivity from 10/100 BaseT LAN to a E1 WAN through multiple E1 channels, Supports up to 4 E1 links. The IP 6440 also provides a bridging function from Ethernet to E1 links. This unit supports from 2Mbps to 8Mbps network bandwidth, fully utilizing the E1 inverse multiplexed link bandwidth.

The IP 6440 offers automatic E1 channel failure detection and can re-assign the number of E1 channels for transport of Ethernet traffic. For example, if there are 4 E1 configured for 10/100 Ethernet traffic transport, and one E1 fails during the service, the other 3 pick up the entire load. This minimizes loss of IP packets.

The Loop-IP 6440 supports management through a DE-9S (PC 9-pin) console port, which provides in-service diagnostics and fault isolation from a local or remote terminal. Remote site telnet management is available through the Ethernet port or Ethernet link. The IP 6440 series also provides multicolor LED indicators on the front panel and ACO (Alarm Cut-Off) button.



Clock Source

Interface Modules

E1 module

  • Line Rate 2.048 Mbps
  • Jitter : ITU G.823
  • Line Code AMI/HDB3
  • Input Signal ITU G.703
  • Data Rate: n x 30 x 64Kbps (n=1 to 4) or n x 29 x 64Kbps (n=1 to 4)
  • Jitter ITU G.823
  • Electrical 75 ohm coax bnc / 120 ohm twisted pair
  • Output Signal ITU G.703

Ethernet module

  • Data Rate10/100 Mbps
  • Connector RJ-45 connector
  • Management via Telnet and embedded SNMP
  • Mapping N x DS1 (Up to 4 E1 lines)

The IP6440 is commonly used when a single E1 doesn't provide enough bandwidth to link remote 100BaseT LAN locations and T3/OC-3 links are too expensive or unavailable.

Inverse Multiplexer

How to Order

Prices depend upon configuration options and interface cards selected. Please call for configuration specific pricing at 800-432-2638 or 217-897-6600.

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