Gigabit Ethernet T1 Inverse Multiplexer - IP-6416

Inverse Muliplexer provides connectivity between 10/100/1000BaseT or GbE and up to 16 T1 lines

<h2>T1 Inverse Multiplexer to Gigabit Ethernet</h2>
Front Panel Configurations


How to Order

  • 1U height, ETSI unit(full front access) or ANSI unit(front and back access)
  • Rack mount, wall mount, and stand-alone
  • WAN ports: Up to 16 E1/T1
    (4 slots, 4 E1/T1 ports per hot plug in card)
  • E1/T1 is software configurable
  • Tributary ports
    • Fixed on main board
      • Up to 4 10/100 Fast Ethernet(FE) on Main Board
      • Optional daughter cards with Optical FE, FE(SFP housing), dual Combo Gigabit Ethernet,(RJ45 and 2SFP), DTE(V.36 and RS232. Optional interfaces may be V.36/RS449, V.35, EIA530, or X.21
  • Power modules
    • Hot-swappable -48 Vdc plug-in modules (-36 to -75 Vdc), dual for redundancy
    • AC plug-in module(100 to 240 Vac), dual for redundancy(ANSI only)
    • AC and DC(coexistent) fixed module(100 to 240 Vac and -36 to -75 Vdc)
  • WAN link with virtually concatenated n x E1/T1, where n can be 1 to 16
  • Encapsulation protocol: GFP, LAPS and PPP(without LCP)
  • Differential delay, up to 256ms for E1 and 384ms for T1
  • VLAN packet transparency
    • Packet size up to 12,000 bytes
    • IEEE 802.1ad Q-in-Q
  • Timing sources for primary and secondary clocks are any one of E1/T1, DTE*, internal, external
  • Management port and interface LCD with keypad on ANSI front panel
  • Console port, VT100 menu-driven
  • SNMP port, SNMPv1, Telnet via SNMP port
  • LoopView GUI EMS, Inband management in traffic bandwidth
  • RoHS Compliant
<H2>Inverse Multiplexer on T1</H2>


The Loop-IP 6416 IP Inverse Multiplexer provides connectivity from 10/100/1000BaseT or GigE LAN through a T1 WAN using multiple T1 channels, Supports up to16 E1 links.

The Loop-IP6416 IP Inverse Mux is a media converter. It allows service providers to offer Ethernet services over the existing copper, optical or microwave infrastructure carrying the E1/T1 network. Up to 16 E1/T1 lines can be enabled and concatenated to form a single channel. Ethernet frames are mapped into this single concatenated channel.

The Loop-IP6416 offers up to 16 E1/T1 ports with an operational indicators for each port. It has automatic E1/T1 channel failure detection and can re-assign the number of E1/T1 channels transporting Ethernet traffic. For example, if there are 16 T1s configured for 10/100 Ethernet traffic transport, and one T1 fails during service, the other 15 will pick up the entire load. This minimizes the loss of IP packets.

Several power options exist including dual DC, front/back AC and hybrid AC/DC.

The Loop-IP6416 supports a console port, which allows users to execute in-service diagnostics and fault isolation from a local or remote terminal. The Loop-IP6416 also allows a remote site connection to Telnet via the Ethernet port. An Alarm Cut-Off(ACO) button is located on the panel.


The IP6416 is commonly used when a single T1 doesn't provide enough bandwidth to link remote high speed LAN locations and T3/OC-3 links are too expensive or unavailable.
<H2>Inverse Multiplexer on T1</H2>
<H2>Multiple Point Inverse Multiplexer on T1</H2>

<H2>Inverse Multiplxer</H2> <H2>T1 1000BaseT Inverse Multiplxer</H2>

How to Order

Prices depend upon configuration options and interface cards selected. Please call for configuration specific pricing at 800-432-2638 or 217-897-6600.

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