Application Notes

Technical help applying DCB products.

Technical Notes and Tutorials
Also check out this page. It contains applications notes and tutorials on all aspects of data communications and networking.
You can either buy cables from us or build your own. In the next three sections, we tell you how to do both..
Cable Selection Guides
Go here to select the proper cable for your application. If you know the equipment you want to connect, here's where you find out which cables you need.
Cable and Hood Wiring Diagrams
Actual part numbers, prices, and wiring diagrams for our cables. Build your own if you want, or purchase ours.. pretested and built with quality components.
DCB Multiplexer Connection Technical Notes
These are cable configurations, hints, and other information we've discovered about the various things that connect to DCB multiplexers. Use your browser's back arrow to return to this menu from the technical notes. Includes many unique cable diagrams for equipment that you thought no one else owned!
Configuring SR Internal Modems
How to configure SR multiplexer internal modems for auto-dial and one-touch operation.
Configuring Access Switch Internal Modems
How to configure access switch internal modems for paging dial-out and dial-in operation.
SPL Multiplexers, ISDN and One Touch Dial
Using ISDN and One-Touch Dial with SPL Multiplexers for on-demand connections
Note on load balancing SRX/SPL Multi-host systems.
Tech Note that explains load balancing drops when using multiple SRX host multiplexers on a multi-drop line.
BR Router firmware reload, step-by-step
Step-by-step instructions on how to reload firmware in the BR-AS01 routers. Used to upgrade firmware or replace an existing corrupt firmware load.
BR Router configuration example, step-by-step
Step-by-step instructions on how to configure the BR-AS01 routers for synchronous PPP line use.
Application Notes and Tutorials
This menu covers applications notes and tutorials on all aspects of data communications and networking.
EtherPoll vs EtherPath, Which is Right for Your Application?
This paper explains the differences between these two similar products, and provides the guidelines for selecting the one that fits your application best.
Using The EtherSeries Bridge and Encrypted Tunnel with Cisco Switches
This paper discusses mitigation of a problem that might occur when using Cisco switches and low bandwidth bridged links.
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