EIA/TIA-530 Reference

Pin #  Source    Description                  Comments                             
1      -         Shield                                                            
2      DTE       Transmit Data A              Balanced                             
3      DCE       Receive Data A               Balanced                             
4      DTE       Request To Send A            Balanced                             
5      DCE       Clear To Send A              Balanced                             
6      DCE       DCE Ready A                  Balanced                             
7      -         Signal Ground AB                                                  
8      DCE       Received Line Signal         Balanced                             
                 Detect A                                                          
9      DCE       Receiver Timing B            Balanced                             
10     DCE       Received Line Signal         Balanced                             
                 Detect B                                                          
11     DTE       External Transmit Timing B   Balanced                             
12     DCE       Transmit Timing B            Balanced                             
13     DCE       Clear To Send B              Balanced                             
14     DCE       Transmit Data B              Balanced                             
15     DCE       Transmit Timing A            Balanced                             
16     DCE       Receive Data B               Balanced                             
17     DCE       Receive Timing A             Balanced                             
18     DTE       Local Loopback               Unbalanced                           
19     DTE       Request To Send B            Balanced                             
20     DTE       DTE Ready A                  Balanced                             
21     DTE       Remote Loopback              Unbalanced                           
22     DCE       DCE Ready B                  Balanced                             
23     DTE       DTE Ready B                  Balanced                             
24     DTE       External Transmit Timing A   Balanced                             
25     DCE       Test Mode                    Unbalanced                           


DB-25 Connector. DTE devices normally use a male connector, DCE devices normally use a female connector.

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