PR-6602 / PR-6606 Packet Repeater Family Firmware History


PR-6606 VERSION 2.01 6/5/2018

This release increases the number of rules from 5 to 20 and the number of destinations from 10 to 20 allowing a maximum of 400 endpoints.


PR-6606 VERSION 2.0 2/2/2018

This is a new product release for the PR-6606. It's almost functionally identical to the PR-6602 but is now running on a new hardware platform. This give us 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports and a boost in CPU speed.

New Features added:

- Ability to join a multicast group. This will allow the PR-6606 to be used in multicast applications on layer-2 networks that support IGMP snooping.

- Improved performance monitoring. The PR-6606 will actively track the Ethernet packet rate and rule match rate.


Ethernet packets-per-second is the limiting factor. The PR-6606 can handle approximately 100,000 to 120,000 packets per second, depending on packet size. This is the sum of received packets and transmitted packets. In other words, if the PR-6606 is receiving packets at a rate of 33,000 pps and replicating at a rate of 66,000pps, we are approaching its performance limit.


PR-6602 VERSION 1.02 8/13/2012

This release corrects the following issue:

-The firewall rules in v1.01 prevented some factory tests from running.


PR-6602 VERSION 1.01 7/31/2012

This release adds the following two options to the PR-6602:

An option was added that allows the user to control address spoofing. The user can select between MAC & IP spoofing (default), IP only spoofing, and no spoofing. By allowing the user to control spoofing, it simplifies deployment of the PR-6602 in applications where the user is replicating broadcast packets and does not need the duplicated packet to retain the original sender's addresses.

An option was added to enable support of fragmented UDP packets. Fragmented UDP packets are a problem because the packets are sent as a series of two or more IP fragments, with only the first IP fragment containing the UDP header. When this option is disabled (default), fragmented IP packets are ignored by the PR-6602. When this option is enabled, the PR-6602 will detect IP fragments. For the first fragment, the packet selection criteria will be applied as usual. For all other fragments, only the IP address selection criteria will be applied.


PR-6602 VERSION 1.00 2/3/2012

This is the initial release of the PR-6602 (UDP Packet Replicator) firmware.

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