ETTA Firmware History

This is the firmware revision log for the ETTA Products.


ETTA Firmware V1.03 Release Notes 5/1/2019

This release adds the following features:

Increased the range for preload to 4000 packets. Previously, preload was limited to 20 packets. A preload of 20 is insufficient for testing higher latency links. For example, to test a 100Mbps link with 40ms RTT, a preload of at least 400 is necessary.

Added support for performing hard reset on the ETTA main-board when the Ethernet Phy fails to start. This is in conjunction with ETTA ECO2019-4-26.

Added a feature to sNTP. When set for "Refresh" mode, ETTA will indicate if the time drift between the internal clock and the NTP server exceeds +-50ppm. This status will be shown on the sNTP configuration screen. Since the time refresh is every 60 minutes, no status will be displayed until ETTA has performed its second update.


ETTA Firmware V1.02 Release Notes 4/19/2019

This release adds the following feature:

Added a screen saver feature, which turns off the backlight when no touch has been detected for a period of time. The feature is configured from "System - Screen Saver".

This release corrects the following:

- The Jitter Test was not always displaying the correct "average jitter" metric. It was always reporting "<1ms".


ETTA Firmware V1.01 Release Notes 7/30/2018

This release allows the ETTA to self update using the DCB web server.


ETTA VERSION 1.00 7/26/2018

This is the initial release of the ETTA.


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