EDNP- Firmware History

This is the firmware revision log for the EDNP3 DNP-3 Ethernet Gateway.



September 7, 2017

This release contains the following feature additions:

A fail-safe timer was added that will detect restart the UART transmit interrupt if it failed to fire.



Jan 20, 2017

This release corrects the following:

Invalid DNP3 packets could reset the activity timer. This means that a non DNP3 master could connect to the TCP port and stay connected indefinitely.

This release contains the following feature additions:

The port activity web page will now display information regarding the connected DNP3 masters. This information includes the master's DNP3 address and the last DNP3 address polled.

The EDNP3 device will now support multiple masters with the same ENDP3 address. Response packets will be duplicated and sent to all connected masters with a matching address.



September 19, 2016

This release contains the following modifications:

The firmware was modified to perform a watchdog reset anytime there is a failure, such as a instruction trap or a self-test failure. The fatal error code will be flashed once on the RUN LED and then the reset will occur.

The EDNP3 firmware did not implement the COM Rx LEDs. These LEDs will now flicker with Rx activity.



May 30, 2007

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use Upgrade Utility 3.0 or better to install this firmware in-system.

This is the initial release of the firmware for the new hardware platform.

This is the firmware revision log for the EDNP3 DNP-3 Ethernet Gateway.



December 5, 2005


IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use Upgrade Utility version 3.0 or better to install this firmware in-system. 1.0 INTRODUCTION

This release corrects the following

: - The telnet configuration user name and password can now be changed using serial port configuration.

- This release corrects a bug in the serial port power-on self test. The bug results in a false test failure and causes the unit to go into fatal error mode blinking the "5" code. The error is caused by external serial data being received during the internal loop-back test.

- A simultaneous TCP close would cause a flood of FIN - ACK packets to be sent from the unit. Eventually it would hit a time-out and stop sending the packets. This problem seems to show up with the web server when the network has between 200ms to 400ms of latency and the web browser is Mozilla or Firefox.

- In the case that the EDNP3 initiates a TCP close, it would fail to ACK the remote's FIN packet. The remote would eventually time-out, but this would result in a few extra packets traversing the network and the remote application to briefly hang.



September 16, 2004


Corrected the following:

V1.0 firmware was hanging when it received a 10-byte frame, which is a DNP3 packet control header only. When testing the DNP firmware, we never tried a packet shorter than 11

bytes since it wasI assumed there would always be at least one data frame. We missed the fact in the protocol spec that the packet length was defined as 10 or greater, not greater than 10.



June 7, 2004


Initial public release.

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