SW-8 8 port Ethernet Switch for Loop AM3440 and O9500


  • Fits Loop Telecom AM3440, O9500 chassis
  • Uses only one slot
  • 8 – Ports, 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Auto speed sensing
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X cable crossover sensing
  • Supports 1536 byte VLAN packets
  • Supports full and half duplex Ethernet
  • Un-managed, uses chassis for power only
  • Eliminates separate Ethernet switch chassis

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SW-8 8-Port Switch


The SW8 is an 8-port Ethernet switch card for the Loop Telecom AM3440 A, B and C chassis and O9500 single slots. The SW8 is an ideal Ethernet switch for industrial applications. The switch uses the chassis only for housing and power. Many of the AM3440 chassis have empty slots, and there is often a need for an Ethernet switch at the site. The SW8 is the ideal product for this application. An extra switch box and power supply is eliminated, and the SW8 takes advantage of the AM3440 and O9500 dual redundant power supplies.

The SW8 features 8 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports with an integrated layer 2 switch. The SW8 is capable of wire speed transmission. It supports 1,000 MAC addresses, address learning, address aging and address migration. While not a VLAN management switch, the SW8 is compatible with VLANs and VLAN tags.

The SW8 has 2 LEDs for each port to indicate connection, speed, and activity. The switch is not managed by the AM3440 controller. The chassis is used only as a convenient housing and to provide power for the switch.




Link, Speed and Activity for each port



How it works

Simply plug it into your Loop chassis for an 8 port unmanaged 10/100BaseT switch. Saves rack space, power wiring, and simplifies installations. This switch also takes advantage of the Loop Chassis redundant power supplies for additional reliability.

This data sheet is the manual for this product. Click here to download a PDF copy of this data sheet.

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