SM-56 Security Dial-up Modem

<h2>Secure Modem</h2>

  • Ideal for NERC CIP security perimeter dial-in
  • Metal enclosure, stand alone or rack mounting
  • Two-wire dial-up modem with extensive security features
  • Industrial temperature rated -40 to +75 C
  • Asynchronous RS232 port
  • Telnet functionality
  • Comprehensive activity logging
  • One-time pass phrase option
  • User name and password authentication
  • Secure AES-256 encrypted connection option
  • Dial back option
  • Administrative user configuration
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Extensive statistics logging and diagnostic tools
  • Compact size, Stand-alone or Rack Mounting
  • Powered by 9,12,24,-48 VDC, or 120/240 VAC (external wall mount AC supply standard)


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The SM-56 is an industrial rated high security dial-in/out modem containing one RS-232 serial port, one telephone line V.92 modem port, and one 100BaseT ethernet port. It may be used as any other simple modem or configured for high security uses. The RS-232 serial port operates at asynchronous speeds from 1200 bps to 115.2 Kbps.

There are several high security modes, making this security modem very versatile:

If the modem detects a denial of service attack, an SOS feature will stop answering dial-in calls temporarily and report to a dial-in pre-configured number such as a numeric pager.

Call attempts, call statistics, and management functions are always logged. The 10/100 ethernet port shares the dial-out modem for locally connected LAN clients that don't have a directly connected modem. This features is accessed with the simple telnet program available for all PC workstations. It may also be used in reverse as a telnet client for the dial-in user after authentication.

The modem is configured using proprietary AT commands with a telnet connection to the 100BaseT port or directly connected to the RS-232 serial port. A validated administrator must be signed into the modem to perform any management steps remotely.

The SM-56 security modem is ideally suited for Critical Infrastructure Protection regulations propagated by the NERC and some FIPS standards. It may be used to meet NERC Cyber Security Standards CIP-005-2 and CIP-005-1 to secure the electronic security perimeter (CPS) around all critical cyber assets.



One asynchronous RS232 serial port:



Application Notes

Troubleshooting a new SM-56 Installatio
A short list of things that can go wrong when a new user is first configuring the SM-56 modem and how to correct them. Read the note!

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber Security Standards: CIP-005-2 Electronic Security Permineter and the Security Modem
CIP standards CIP-002 through CIP-009 may be met using standard DCB SCADA products along with proper management and procedural standards. This note delves into CIP standards and shows how the SM security modem helps secure electronic security perimeter access points. Read the note!




<h2>DC Powered Secure Modem </h2>
Rear View with DC input connector
<h2>Secure Rack Mount Modem </h2>
Rack Mount Bezels

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