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  • Multi-Vendor Project Management
  • Installation, Modernization, Conversion Projects
  • Internet, WAN, LAN Consulting
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  • Wireless Link Implementation
  • Voice/Data Integration
  • Equipment or Data Center Relocations
  • WAN Vendor Management


From simple, single-user setups to million dollar networks, DCB engineers and technicians have assisted customers in making data communication networks work. These networks connect remote LANs, terminals to computers, POS devices to hosts, PBXs, Internet users, and voice systems. We take the complexity out of network installation by assisting with network architecture, design, communications lines and suppliers, accessory equipment, site planning and installation. After installation, DCB's technical staff is always ready to help you make system modifications and integrate new applications. For continuing support, DCB also offers affordable, long-term maintenance contracts or T&M rates.


Communications System Design

Our engineers have designed communications systems for large and small customers. Multi-national companies, ocean-going vessels, government agencies, schools, libraries, and small two-office shops all benefit from our experience and education.

Multi-Vendor Project Management

When the project gets large enough that you need a single point of contact for multiple vendors, we can help save time and money. We can create a realistic project plan, make sure that the gantt chart is followed, keep tickling the vendors to insure that nothing is forgotten, and get that project completed on time and within budget.

Installation, Modernization, Conversion Projects

For example, in one project helping a Fortune 500® company modernize their North American data network. Our technicians coordinated the installations, delivery of equipment, connection of new circuits, disconnection of redundant and old circuits, manage DLCIs and system configurations, and "dog" the installation until it was complete. We managed the configuration and design of a new frame relay system, built custom, unique cables to connect multi-vendor equipment, and made sure that the equipment, technicians, and WAN vendors all met at the right time.

Internet, WAN, LAN Consulting

We've implemented Internet connections from initial concept through implementation. We designed firewall systems, analyzed Internet connection alternatives, helped numerous businesses, school systems, and library systems get on the Internet.

Un*x, Linux Consulting

Our Unix consultants have the expertise to use virtually any Unix system including IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Sun, and others. We can supply a complete ready-to-run Linux system based on various Intel platforms. Technicians have been trained by HP, Sun, IBM, and others.

Wireless Link Implementation

We've implemented wireless systems all over the country (and beyond). From small systems of a single laptop and access point to large networks covering great distances and many nodes. Initial system investigation includes topographic considerations, licensing, and alternative system analysis. We obtain licensing and frequency coordination for licensed systems and determine applicable ranges and performance capabilities of license-free units. We've worked with 400 mhz, 900 mhz, 1.4 Ghz, 23 Ghz, and other frequency bands. We've installed a passive 96 sq. ft. repeater on a mountain and a 6 in. stick-on plate antennae inside an office window. We're comfortable with equipment from Proxim, Breezecom, Cylink, GRE, Freewave, Southwest, Western, and others.

Voice/Data Integration

We can help you merge separate voice and data networks into a single cost-effective combined network. You can use a single T-1 line or slower radio link to combine multiple voice channels with data to reduce equipment requirements and monthly charges.

Equipment or Data Center Relocations

Our technicians can assist with your equipment move. We provide rental equipment, temporary wiring, wireless links, and expertise to make that move easier and minimize down-time.

WAN Vendor Management

Many customers are lost in the jungle of data communications vendors. We help by managing the long distance and local telco vendor projects. We can take the mystery out of ordering communications lines and circuits. We have experience managing the configuration and design of a new frame relay systems, built custom, unique cables to connect multi-vendor equipment, and made sure that the equipment, technicians, and WAN vendors all met at the right time.

Example Projects

School district Internet connection

DCB engineers designed a high performance Internet connection for a school district of 8500 students. This system included a full T-1 connection to the Internet, firewall, email, web server, and routing to a multi-site local network. The first phase included routing TCP/IP to five remote schools and the administration building using T-1, DDS, and ISDN lines. Alternative communication techniques such as wireless were investigated. This project came in under budget and on time.

Nationwide retailer

A national retailer of music products asked for DCB's help connecting all its stores to the corporate office in an economical, yet functional manner. In this installation, our UniMux remote multiplexer product was applied to DDS and frame relay circuits to provide multiple terminal connections in each store. Plans are under way to convert this system to frame relay point-to-multipoint using the new UniMux multi-point firmware. This move will save recurring line charges by aggregating remote connections over just a few T-1 composites at the host site.

Reducing Phone Line Cost with Microwave Bypass

A customer asked for help obtaining fractional T-1 data service and additional voice lines in rural Colorado. With no available cable in this sparsely populated area, the phone company was unable to provide additional bandwidth . The closest area with adequate capacity was about 6 miles away. DCB installed a system using a passive repeater mounted on high ground at the customer's facility to bounce the signal down to a dish mounted atop their building. We used our 950 units with full T-1 data streams. These units easily span 6 miles with up to four T-1 circuits. At the other end, a two foot dish was mounted at a building on one of the higher hills. DCB handled frequency coordination and licensing. To save money, the customer installed the repeater and mounted the two-foot dish antennae. DCB aligned the system and wired equipment at each end. After physical alignment of the two dishes and repeater, the link was up.

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