Packet Ethernet Network Emulator - PENE

New in 2018!

Emulate Real-World IP Network Performance Quickly and Simply With This Impairment Simulator Hardware
IP Network Error Simulator
  • Simulate Ethernet networks up to 100 Mbps
  • Induce latency, jitter, rate limits, packet-per-second limits, drops, duplicates, mis-order, asymmetry
  • Small bench top unit with color LCD touch screen
  • Simplifies complex testing
  • PENE saves hours, days, even months of time
  • Bench test VOIP, ROIP, TDMoE or packet network devices
  • Simulate field errors on the test bench
  • Powerful, processes 60,000 packets per second
  • 6-16 VDC, external 120VAC power supply provided
  • Used along with the ETTA (DCB's ethernet performance test set) to simulate actual end-to-end ethernet paths for bandwidth need in VOIP, ROIP, and Pseudo-Wire applications
  • Easy firmware auto-update menu option
  • Color touch screen
  • Low Price - $995

PENE Network Emulator in use


Performance Limits:


The PENE is an Ethernet Network Packet Error Emulator. It is an easy to use small bench top unit, a powerful simulation device, a tool to aid testing. This tool allows you to simulate a real, imperfect network between equipment under test to determine how well it handles “real world” problems by inserting real-world packet handling imperfections.

It is often the case that one spends a lot of time bench testing a product, system, or application only to have it fail when deployed into the real world. The bench-test environment is too perfect. The standard bench-test environment has very high bandwidth, low latency and virtually no jitter. In addition, it probably has no packet loss, no packet duplication, and no out-of-order delivery. The Packet Ethernet Network Emulator (PENE) installs as a bump-in-the-wire between the products under test and allows better real world type simulation of the application environment. PENE provides controlled duplication of errors that are found in live installations but are difficult to capture and/or duplicate.

PENE emulates, or simulates, the installation of circuits in a controlled environment. Out in the field in a working installation it can literally take days, weeks or even months to discover and sort out problems. Using pene, circuit path problems are evaluated quickly and easily, and best of all, virtually automatically.

Compare using PENE to either installing Pseudo Wire, VOIP, Radio over IP equipment without bench testing or using OAM (Operation Administration Management) devices. Both approaches, installing without testing or adding an OAM device, can take hours to configure, hours of testing to check performance, and then hours more evaluating results and fine tuning the equipment to fit the applications. Testing at high hardware and labor cost compared to using PENE.

PENE can eliminate time consuming trial and error testing with simple bench-top testing. PENE can eliminate hours on the phone with vendors and multiple attempts to fine tune settings. It will pay for itself in a single installation.

PENE has per port configuration for rate limits, latency, jitter, induced packet loss , induced packed duplication, induced out-of-order packet delivery, error generation, measuring traffic rates in real time.

Measure real-world performance issues with the ETTA, DCB's ethernet performance test set; then use PENE to simulate actual end-to-end ethernet path problems for bandwidth needed in VOIP, ROIP, and Pseudo-Wire applications. Know how your installation will respond to transport network inconsistencies and imperfections before installing it on the real network.

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Test Configuration per Ports


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Application Notes

Simulating your real network with proposed new equipment.
Characterize your real network using the ETTA, then place the PENE configured with measurements between two IADS to see how TDMoE responds to less than perfect network connections

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