3 port RS-232 to Fiber Interface Card for Loop AM3440 and O9500 Multiport Access Platforms

MM3 RS-232 to Fiber Interface Card

  • Used in Loop Telecom AM3440 or O9500 chassis
  • Uses only one slot
  • 3 Ports, RS232 to Multi-Mode fiber
  • -34.4 dB optical receive sensitivity, 2 Km range
  • Compatible with 980208x Stand alone Converter
  • Provides noise and ground loop immunity for serial circuits
  • Straight through cable between RS232 card and the MM3 RS232 port
Shown With Loop 8DBRA Card
Interface Cable Closeup

Remote Units

How To Order
Application Notes and Manual Download

Common Applications

  • Electrically hostile utility installations
  • Gas and oil production, pipelines where fiber is requried
  • Retail Stores with remote kiosks
  • Law Enforcement campus links
  • Intrinsicly safe installations


The MM3 is a 3-port RS232 to fiber card for the Loop Telecom AM3440 A, B and C chassis and O9500 single slots. The MM3 is an ideal RS232 to fiber converter for industrial applications. The switch uses the chassis only for housing and power. Many of the AM3440 chassis have empty slots, and there is often a need for RS232 to fiber conversion at the site. The MM3 is the ideal product for this application. An extra convertor box and power supply is eliminated, and the MM3 takes advantage of the AM3440 and O9500 dual redundant power supplies.

The MM3 features 3 RS232 ports and 3 Multi-Mode fiber ports. MM3 is capable of async speeds to 230.4 Kbps transmission.

The MM3 is used in conjunction with the standalone 9802087, 9802088 or 9802089 unit. These are 9-18 VDC, 18-36 VDC or 36-72 VDC respectively.

The MM3 is not managed by the AM3440 controller. The chassis is used only as a convenient housing and to provide power for the switch.







How it works

The MM3 interface card resides in a chassis slot adjacent to the RS-232 interface card (8DBRA or 8RS232RJ). Short jumpers interface between the RS-232 interface card ports and the MM3 RJ-45 ports. Multi-mode fiber is connected between individual MM3 fiber ports (using ST connectors) and remote 9802087 interface converters. The 9802098 remote interface converters are located at the remote equipment, and short RS-232 jumpers connect them to the attached equipment.

Download a copy of the .pdf datasheet/manual

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Item Number Description Price Buy Now!
MM3 3 Port RS-232 to Fiber card for the Loop AM3440 A, B, or C and the O9500 $ 519 Qty:
9802087 RS-232 to Multi-mode fiber converter, 9-18 Vdc powered $ 279 Qty:
9001006 Optional 120 VAC Input Power Supply $ 14 Qty:
9802088 RS-232 to Multi-mode fiber converter, 19-36 Vdc powered $ 279 Qty:
9802089 RS-232 to Multi-mode fiber converter, 36-72 Vdc powered $ 279 Qty:
9801033 DE9S to DE9S null modem cable $ 6 Qty:
9801009 DE9S to DB-25P PC to modem cable $12 Qty:
9902091 Rack mount for up to four remote units $ 75 Qty:
9902090 Optional DIN rail mounting clip for remote units $ 5 Qty:

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