MD400-E1/T1 Line Extension / Carrier Modem

Extend a full T1 / E1 over Copper Pair up to six miles (10.2 KM) or fractional T1 / E1 up to ten miles (17.2 KM)

The MD400-E1T1 is a new generation, cost effective G.SHDSL modem that extends a T1/E1 interface over very long distances and provides infrastructure cost optimizations.


SHDSL Interface
T1 Interface
E1 Interface
Distance vs. Speed Chart
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Benefits of MD400 T1/E1 Line Extension

  • 2 and 4 wire ful duplex G.SHDSL modem
  • G.SHDSL, G.HS, UIT-T G.991-2, ETSI 101 524 compliant
  • Nx64 kbps adaptive rate with first timeslot selection
  • Multiple pair cable compatible for voice/ADSL and SHDSL integrated services
  • T1 : 100 ohm RJ48c. Long /short haul. CSU and DSX1 line Build Outs.
  • E1 : 75 ohm BNC and 120 ohm RJ48C Long / short haul
  • Menu-driven port management configuration
  • Remote control via EOC G.991.2 channel
  • Stand-alone or DIN mounting
  • Alarm relay option
  • Compact enclosure
  • Simple configuration
  • Power from 48VDC or 120/240VAC


The MD-400-E1T1 transports a T1 or E1 interface for voice and data service over longer distances than standard T1 DSX interfaces.

The MD-400-E1T1 embeds the latest G.SHDSL technologies that are approved by the ITU-T, ETSI and ANSI bodies for transporting E1/T1 services over copper pairs. SHDSL spectrum density is compatible with other voice and ADSL services when sharing the same multiple pair cables.

The MD-400-E1T1 operates on either one or two copper pairs to provide longer reach. Distances can also be raised up in inserting SHDL repeaters in the copper line.

The MD-400-E1T1 transports E1 or T1 interface, but also it performs Nx 64 kbps adaptive rate to provide to best throughput / distance ratio when transporting fractional E1 or T1 as the SHDSL reach increases for lower rates. The MD-400-E1T1 offers high performances in most line conditions and ensures stable transmission quality thanks to a user defined Signal to Noise Margin.

The terminal interface of the MD400E1T1 can be set as E1 or T1, full or in fractional mode with or without CRC. N fractional mode, the first extracted timeslot can be defined. The receiver sensitivity can be set for long or short haul.

The MD-400-E1T1 is easy to integrate in any application thanks to a choice of power supply options. It can be powered from a mains adapter or from a 48 Vdc battery.

The MD-400-E1T1 comes in a compact enclosure with DIN rail and wall mounting capabilities.

The MD-400-E1T1 comes with both a CO and CPE factory configurations that makes it a ready to run solution for clear channel operations. All parameters can be user defined through an intuitive menu interface. The MD-400-E1T1 can also be remotely controlled through the EOC channel as defined in the G.991.2 standard.

The MD-400-E1T1 does not support unchannelized (clear channel) T1.



SHDSL Interface

T1 Interface

E1 Interace

Distance vs Speed Chart

1 pair rate 2 pair rate Distance on 26 ga / 0.4 mm Distance on 22 ga / 0.6 mm Distance on 19 ga / 0.9 mm
192 Kbps384 Kbps 4.6 mi / 7.5 km 6.1 mi /9.9 km10.7 mi / 17.2 km
512 Kbps1024 Kbps3.8 mi / 6.1 km5.0 mi / 8.1 km 8.7 mi /14 km
1024 Kbps2048 Kbps3 mi / 4.9 km4.0 mi / 6.5 km7 mi / 11.2 km
1536 Kbps2.7 mi / 4.4 km3.7 mi / 5.9 km6.3 mi / 10.2 km
2048 Kbps2.36 mi / 3.8 km3.4 mi / 5.5 km5.9 mi / 9.5 km
Distances are approximate and are subject to installation variables.




How to Order

Questions? Phone us toll free at 800-432-2638 or 217-897-6600 or via the web.

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MD400-E1T1-UU T1/E1 extender with internal 48 VDC and external 120/230 VAC adapter (US) $ 674 Qty:
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