Map41 DS-0 Software Mapping Tool for Loop V4150

Interactive Graphical Mapping Software for the Loop V4150

  • Productivity - saves hours or days of time
  • Documentation to .csv file for spreadsheets
  • Maps can be restored from the .csv files
  • Visual GUI mapping - Highlight and click
  • Includes SNCP/UPSR mapping function
  • Export/import map to and from spreadsheets
  • Copy T1/E1 or DS3 settings from one to multiple T1/E1s or DS3s
  • Uses SNMP v1 or SNMP v3
  • Operates with all current versions of Window
  • Licensed per controller
  • Unlimited number of users per V4150
  • PCs can have multiple instances of Map41 mapping software running simultaneously, each to a different V4150
  • Maps both of the V4150 maps
Map41 Software - DS-0 Mappin Configuration Software  for V4150

Graphical Cross Connect Screen

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Map41 software saves days of time mapping the V4150 Digital Cross Connect platform. A V4150 without protection has 504 T1s, or 12 DS3s. The V4150 cross connects at the DS0 level, so a fully populated V4150 has more than 10,000 DS0s to cross connect. A graphical mapping tool is a “must have” addition. Map41 also reduces V4150 mapping errors by presenting the mapping in visual terms.

The V4150 uses a serial/Telnet terminal console to configure the system, the feature cards and the TSI (Time Slot Interchange) mapping. Hours of command line mapping can be reduced to minutes with Map41. Any user experienced with both the command line mapping and Map41 will immediately find Map41 to be a required tool, not a wish list item.

Map41 uses a simple highlight and click approach to replace dozens of key strokes. One or more DS-0s are mapped with a single click on the “Map” button. Or one or more DS0s are un-mapped with a single click on the un-map button. When the map is created, the links between the DS0s are displayed on the screen. Map41 increases the speed and accuracy of V4150 mapping.

The V4150 has 2 maps. Map41 allows the user to work on the active or the inactive map. The V4150 Ethernet user console interface allows mapping local or remote V4150s. For secure operation, SSH Telnet and SNMP v3 are supported.

Map41 provides efficient visual mapping for the V4150. It also includes:

Map41 is licensed per V4150 controller, one license key for each controller in the unit, up to 2 controllers per unit. Map41 and the license files for V4150s can be distributed to an unlimited number of Windows workstation PCs.

Multiple copies of Map41 can run simultaneously. This allows a single work station to work with the maps of multiple V4150s at one time.

The T1 Line Interface Setup screen. This screen may be configured for a single T1, then applied to any number of other T1s on that same tributary card.

This screen shows some of the T3 configuration options and the capability of copying the settings to the other DS3s in the same card.



The Map41 software is suppliled on a CDROM. Each V4150 CPU card license is authorized using a unique software key supplied by DCB. The software is installed on a PC using a Windows installer program. PCs may run multiple instances of the Map41 mapping software simultaneously

Download the License Information Document.

How It Works

Map41, once installed on a Windows computer, is a local application on the Windows computer. It connects through the ethernet LAN or WAN to the target V4150.
Upon reading the configuration of the V4150, a graphical representation of the unit, its interface board population, and current mapping is displayed.

Using drag and drop along with click buttons, mapping is quickly added, modified, or deleted from the V4150.

Select the two inteface slots from drop-down selection boxes.

Click buttons allow for Activate, Store, Clear, Voice/Data, Map, and Unmap.

Drag cursor over time slots on one interface slot to map them to the other interface. Highlighted time-slots may be unmaped.

Watch Map41 in use in one of these introductory or training videos. These are available both on Youtube and as a direct download from here.

Youtube Links:

Link to Youtube index of Map41 videos. Either watch them on Youtube or directly from our web site using the links below.

Direct Download Links:

Comparing terminal configuration to using Map41.

Map41 Selecting the V4150.

How to use Map41...Overview of the Map41 slide bar.

Map41 pull down menus.

Map41 Mapping Ds3 to Ds3 and DS3 to T1.

Map41 Exporting to a .csf spreadsheet file.

Map41 file transfers.

Map41 and T1 DS0 mapping.

Unmaping circuits using Map41.

Entering License keys.

Questions? Phone us toll free at 800-432-2638

Due to the nature of this product,
We prefer that you phone us and discuss your application prior to ordering.
Please contact DCB for discounts on 50 or more copies of Map41.

Please include the serial number(s) of your controller cards in the comments section during the checkout process

Item Number Description Price Each Buy Now!
Map41 Map41 Software bundled per CPU controller card purchased from DCB $ 950 Qty:
Map41-NonDCB Map41 Software per CPU controller card not purchased from DCB. Requires a DCB support contract for Map41 and the V4150 unit support. DCB, per agreement with Loop Telecom, is the North American TAC (Technical Assistance Cener) for V4150 products. $1800 Qty:

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