Loop O-9300 Fiber Optic Mux

Loop O-9300 Fiber Optic Mux

  • Up to 16 E1/T1 links on one fiber
  • Wide variety of interfaces:
    • Quad RS232 to 64Kbps async (Optional)
    • Support Quad V.35, Quad X.21
    • Quad RS449/V.36
    • Quad RS232/V.28
    • Quad EIA530 or EIA530(A) (Optional)
    • Quad V.24 with DTE/DCE selection.
    • Supports a 10/100M Ethernet Bridge (Optional)
  • Optical 1+1 line protection (Optional)
  • power supply options:
    • Single fixed AC power supply
    • Hot swappable dual AC or DC power supply
  • Local and remote performance indicators
  • Local and remote loopbacks for optical link and each E1 link
  • Management through Console port, Ethernet port, Telnet and SNMP agents.
  • Office alarm contacts
  • LCD display (Optional)
  • Multicolor LED indicators
  • 1310 nm or 1550 nm versions available
  • RoHS Compliant models available


Optical Fiber Interface
Optical Fiber Characteristics
E-1 Interface
T-1 Interface
Bridge Interface
Quad RS-232 Interface
Quad V.35 Interface
Quad X.21 Interface
Quad V.36 Interface
Quad V.28 Interface
Quad RS-530 Interface
Quad RS-530A Interface
Console, Switches and Contacts
How to Order

Typical Installation



The O-9300 Fiber Optical Mux product family provides ideal solutions for building fiber-based E1/T1 networks. The largest member of this family, the O-9300 can multiplex up to 16 E1/T1 signals for transmission over an optical fiber, resulting in longer reach without repeaters and superior performance compared to copper media.

The O-9300 also supports an optional 10/100 BaseT port, Quad RS232 async ports to 64Kbps, Quad V.35, Quad X.21, Quad RS449/V.36, Quad RS232/V.28, Quad EIA530(A), or Quad V.24 with DTE/DCE selection.

All services are transported point-to-point in an actual static TDM manner (16 E1 + 100 MBPS Ethernet + management channel). The bandwidth is guaranteed for full configuration of the mentioned speeds for each channel / service.

To select protection level, users can choose either a single pair or dual pair fiber, either a single power supply or dual supplies.

The O-9300 offers management through a console port, an ethernet port, telnet, and SNMP agents. The O-9300 also supports local control and diagnostics using 2-line by 16- character LCD display (optional) and keypads or DE-9S (PC 9-pin) console port. The unit also support local and remote monitoring and diagnostics through the use of front panel switches and LED indicators. Contacts for office alarms are available.

Applications for this versitle optical multiplexer include interconnections for LAN, WAN, SONET/SDH, ATM and DLC.


Optical Fiber Interface

Optical Fiber Characteristics

Source MLM Laser System Gain 30 dB
Wavelength 1310 ± 50 nm, 1550 ± 40 nm Line Code Scrambled NRZ
Power -26 or -8 dBm Detector Type PIN-FET
Receiver Sensitivity -38 dBm at BER < 10-10 Fiber Type Single mode
Optical Line Rate 155.52Mbps Protection Optional 1+1 APS 50 Km reach
NOTE: Longer or shorter, 15 to 120Km, on special order.
Optical Module Fiber Direction Wavelength (nm) Connector Distance (km) Power (dB)
Single Dual uni-direction 1310 SC (Subscriber Connector) 30 20
1310 SC (Subscriber Connector) 50 30
1310 FC (Fiber Connector) 30 20
1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 20 12
1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 100 40

Dual Dual uni-direction 1310SC (Subscriber Connector) 30 20
1310 SC (Subscriber Connector) 50 30
1310 FC (Fiber Connector) 30 20
1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 20 12
1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 100 40

Single Single bi-direction (master) 1310/1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 30 20
Single bi-direction (slave) 1310/1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 30 20

Dual Single bi-direction (master) 1310/1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 30 20
Single bi-direction (slave) 1310/1550 SC (Subscriber Connector) 30 20
For discussion on whether to choose uni-directonal or bi-directional fiber option, see the white paper here.

E-1 Line Interface

Number of E1 lines Up to 16 Line Impedance 120Ω twisted pair, 75Ω for BNC
Line Rate 2.048 Mbps ±50 ppm Connector RJ48C, BNC, RF-coaxial, DB37
Line Code HDB3 Output Signal ITU G.703
NOTE: Other Impedances, 100 ohm and 110 ohm available on special order.

T-1 Line Interface

Line Rate 1.544 Mbps ± 50 bps Output Signal DSX1
Line Code AMI or B8ZS Framing D4/ESF (selectable)
Input Signal ABAM cable length up to 655 feet Connector RJ48C

Bridge Interface

10/ 100 Mbps half/ full duplex ethernet bridging and 100 Mbps operation on the HDLC port
ANSI/ IEEE Std. 802.1D MAC Bridging capabilities (without spanning tree algorithm)
Automatic MAC table learning and aging
Supports VLAN and extended Ethernet frame support



Connector DB25 Connector RJ45 at rear panel
Data Rate Up to 64Kbps async Protocol Telnet

Quad V.35

Port Number 4 ports Connector M34S, DB25S
Data Rate Nx64kbps (N=1~32) Clock Mode External, Internal, Received (Selectable)

Quad X.21

Quad X.21interface (via DB25P to DB15S (1-feet) conversion cable)

Quad V.36

Quad RS449/ V.36 (via DB25P to DB37S (1-feet) conversion cable)

Quad V.28

Quad RS232/ V.28 (DTE/DCE software programmable)

Quad RS530

Quad RS530 (DTE/DCE software programmable)

Quad RS530A

Quad RS530A (DTE/DCE software programmable)


Switches and Contacts

Connector DB9 at front panel Power, Alarm Cut-Off, and ENTER for command execute.
Electrical RS232 interface Major and Minor alarm contact closures, DB9F connector.
Protocol Menu driven VT-100 terminal
Baud Rate 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200


Power, Major & Minor Alarms, System Fail, Abnormal Operation, Electrical Failure.
Receive signal indications for all E1s.
Local optical signal receive indication, working and protection.
Remote optical signal receive indication, working and protection.
Laser operation, working and protection.
Command execution complete.

Diagnostics Test

Optical Fiber Local and remote loopbacks
E1 Lines Local and remote loopbacks


EMI/EMC EN50082-1, EN55022, EN55024
Safety IEC60950


Dimensions for 1U 432 x 44 x 255 mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions for 2U 432 x 88 x 255 mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions for 3U 432 x 132 x 255 mm (W x H x D)
Mounting Stand-alone, 19 or 23 inch rack mount
Power Source (AC) 100 to 240 Vac, 50/ 60 Hz
Power Source (DC) 24Vdc: 18-36 Vdc ; 48Vdc: 36-72 Vdc
Power Protection Optional 1+1 APS
Power Consumption < 30 W
Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 0% - 95% RH (non-condensing)

Ordering Information

Please call for pricing and ordering information.

Typical Pricing:
List price for a O-9300 having sixteen T-1s over a single pair of 1310 nm fiber using SC connectors, 100-220 Vac power supply is $1,895 .

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