MPLS/CE Packet Transport Network - Loop G7860

Metropolitan Ethernet / Carrier Ethernet Transport

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Loop G7860

The Loop-G7860 mPTN (MPLS/CE Packet Transport Network) is a new cost-effective solution for transporting many different data types, including traditional circuit-based traffic, over a packet-based transportation network.

  • Mechanical and Electrical
    • 1U height, 19” width ETSI unit (front access)
    • DC power supply: hot swappable, dual for redundancy
    • Harden environment option (-20 C to 7 C )*
  • System capacity
    • Up to 4 x 10GE SFP ports
    • Up to 16 x GE Base-T
    • Up to 22 x GE SFP*
    • Up to 80 x E1/T1 ports
    • Up to 8 x STM-1 ports or 2 x STM-4 port*
    • Any Ethernet port can be configured as NNI (MPLS port) or UNI (Ethernet service port)
    • Bi-directional LSP
    • Static LSP/PW provisioning via NMS
    • Any Ethernet and PDH (CESoP and SAToP) service over MPLS-TP
    • MPLS-TP OAM per ITU G.8113.2
  • VPLS
    • VPLS bridging
    • H-VPLS bridging
    • 32K MAC addresses
    • 2K VPLS instances per device
    • Split horizon to prevent forwarding loops
  • TDM Services
    • E1/T1 Circuit Emulation per IETF-PW3 SAToP and CESoP
    • Timing recovery: ACR/DCR/System
    • SDH Circuit Emulation over Packet (CEP)*, per RFC 4842
    • Encapsulation: PW/LSP (MPLS-TP), "Dry Martini", MEF 8 (TDM over Ethernet), TDM over IP
    • Support PDH cross-connection to SDH/SONET*
  • Ethernet Services
    • E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree services as defined by MEF 9 and 14 and using VPWS/VPLS
    • Native Ethernet packets supported
    • Encapsulation: PW/LSP (MPLS-TP), VLAN tagging (1Q), VLAN double tagging (Q-in-Q)

Complete Specifications
T1 Tributary Interface (E1/T1 Software Selectable)
E1 Tributary Interface (T1/E1 Software Selectable)
B155/622 Interface *
FE/GE Interface
10G Interface
Carrier Ethernet
System Capacity
Network Protection
Management and Aministration
PHysial and Environmental
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How to Order
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Typical MPLS-TP Ring Application


The Loop-G7860 mPTN (MPLS/CE Packet Transport Network) is a new and cost-effective solution for transmitting many different data types, including traditional circuit-based traffic, over a packet-based transportation network.

By adopting MPLS-TP (Multi-Protocol Label Switching Transport Profile) and Carrier Ethernet technologies, the G7860 can transport Ethernet (EPL, EVPL, ELAN, EVC defined in MEF), E1/T1 TDMoE, and SDH CEP* traffic.

The unit is also equipped with OAM tools to perform diagnosis on the LSPs (Label Switched Paths) and pseudowires. The Loop-G7860 series is a perfect packet transport platform for IP-Mobile and lease-line applications containing hub, ring and mesh topologies.


T1 Tributary Interface (T1/E1 software selectable)

E1 Tributary Interface (T1/E1 software selectable)

B155/622 Inteface *

FE/GE Interface

10G Interface

Carrier Ethernet

Network Protection

Management and Administration

System Capacity




Mechanical and Electrical

Standards Compliance

  • IEEE
  • ITU
  • RFC (IETF)
  • MEF*
  • Certification * = Future Option

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    Typical MPLS-TP Ring Application

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    Please call for pricing and additional ordering information.

    Typical Pricing:
    The G7860 mPTN is surprisingly inexpensive. Call us at 800-432-27638 (217-897-6600 ) or use our contact form to request a price for your configuration.

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