TDMoE TDM Over Ethernet IP - Loop IP-6716

Transport up to 16 T1 circuits over IP Networks

While the IP-6716 is still a viable product, we recommend using the new IP-6750 for new projects.
<h2> TDMoE up to 16 T1s </h1>
Loop IP-6716
Front Panel Access Version

<h2> TDMoE up to 16 T1s </h1>
Loop IP-6716
Front Panel LCD Version
  • TDMoE for 4, 8, 12, or 16 T1/E1 channels
  • 1U height, ETSI shelf (full front access) or ANSI shelf (front and back access)
  • Point to point and point to multi-point applications
  • Max. 256 pseudo-wires (PW), 64 per E1/T1 card
  • 2 combo Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) with 2 RJ45 and 2 SFP housing
  • Aggregate Line (1+1) protection
  • 2 WAN ports with link aggregation (port trunking)
  • Tributary ports:
  • Four general purpose hot-swappable slots for quad E1/T1
  • LAN interface: one 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet plus one SNMP port/Ethernet port
  • Power Modules for AC, DC, Hot-swappable, Dual redundancy
  • Bridging & Switching Jumbo frames, VLAN, Q-inQ, Packet Transparency, User Configurable QoS, ToS
  • Max. 340ms Packet Delay Variation
  • Built-in BERT for E1/T1 to line or WAN direction
  • Alarm propagation between E1/T1 line and WAN port
  • Jitter & Wander PPM: per G.823 Traffic, PPB: per G.823 Synchronous
  • Jitter buffer size: Max. 512 kB; Min. packetization (pseudowire) latency < 1.4 ms
  • Multi-color LED indicators, Alarm relay
  • Management console port and interface, optional keypad and LCD
  • SNMP port for Embedded SNMP, Telnet, LoopView GUI
  • Support SNTP
  • IETF TDMoE(RFC5087), SAToP (RFC4553), and CESoPSN (RFC5086) compliance
  • RoHS compliance

E-1 Interface
T-1 Interface
Bridge Interface
DTE V.35 Interface
Alarm relay
Network Management
Inband Management
Performance Monitoring
Front Panel
Standards Compliance
Transmission Protocols
How to Order
Printable data sheet with detailed specifications

Typical Point-to-Point Installation


As the core communications network migrates from TDM to IP, the Loop-IP6716 is a cost effective choice to transport E1/T1 TDM signals over the new IP network. The Loop-IP6716 TDMoEthernet provides flexible solutions with four hot-swappable slots supporting the 4E1/T1 plug-in cards.

Loop-IP6716 can transport 4, 8, 12, or 16 T1/E1 signals with timing and Ethernet traffic over IP network. Connection to the IP network is through dual WAN ports. The WAN consists of 2 combo Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) with 2 RJ45 and 2 SFP housing. On the user side, the TDM ports can be multiple E1 or T1, each with timing preserved. The Ethernet port is 10/100/1000 BaseT.

Extensive choice of power module includes AC/DC hybrid, single AC, and single DC. Management choices include console port, Ethernet port, and SNMP port for communication with remote management centers. For transport of TDM signals E1, T1, Jitter and Wander adheres to G.823 Traffic and G.823 Synchronous to provide excellent clock recovery.


E-1 Line Interface

Line rate 2.048 Mbps ± 50ppm Input signal ITU G.703
Framing ITU G.704 Output signal ITU G.703
Line code AMI/HDB3 Jitter ITU G.823
Connector BNC and RJ48C Electrical 75 ohm coax/120 ohm twisted pair

T-1 Line Interface

Line rate 1.544 Mbps ± 32 ppm Input signal DS-1 from 0 dB to -26 dB w/ALBO
Framing D4/ ESF/ ESF&T1.403/ NONE (Clear Channel) Output signal DSX-1, DS-1 Channel) Surge Protection FCC Part 68 Sub-Part D
Line code AMI / B8ZS Pulse Template Per AT&T TR 62411
Connector RJ48C


Large configurable jitter buffers, on a per bundle basis, that compensate for the delay variation introduced by the IP/MPLS network, with the following maximal depths:

For E1: up to 256 ms For framed T1: up to 256 ms

For unframed T1: up to 340 ms For framed T1 with CAS: up to 192 ms


Connector: RJ45

Speed: 10/100 Base T

DTE Interface (V.35)

Data Rate n x 56 or 64 Kbps (n= 1 to 31)
Connector DB25S for V.35 Standard

External Clock

Input signal ITU G.703
Connector BNC
Input signal

Alarm Relay

Alarm Relay Fuse alarm, performance alarm Connector 3 pin terminal block

Network Management

Console Port SNMP Port
Connector DB9 at Front Panel Connector RJ45 at front panel
Electrical RS232 interface Protocol Telnet (VT100) and Embedded SNMP
Protocol Menu driven VT-100 terminal

Inband Management

Any 64 Kbps DS0 can be assigned for management
HDLC Management Protocol

Performance monitor(T1,E1)

Performance store The last 24 hours performance in 15-minute intervals
Monitor registers Line, user and remote site
Performance reports Date & Time, Error second, Degraded minutes, Unavailable second, Bursty error second, severe error
second, controlled slip second, and loss of frame count
Alarm history Date & time, alarm type(i.e. master clock loss, RAI, AIS, LOS, BPV, ES, CSS)
Threshold Second, degrade minutes

Diagnostics test(T1, E1)

Loopback Line loopback, payload loopback and local loopback
Remote loopback Line loopback and payload loopback

Front Panel

Keypad / LCD


Power Single AC power or DC power.
DC: 20 to 72 Vdc
AC: 100 to 240 Vac 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 10W Max
Dimensions 212.6 x 43.7 x 197 mm. (WxHxD)
Temperature 0 to 50 C DC: 20 to 72 Vdc
Humidity 0-95 per cent RH (Non-condensing)
Mounting Desk-top stackable, wall mount


G.823/G.824, G.826 for structured traffic, SATOP for unstructured traffic


The IP-6700 can be used point-to-point to transport a fractional T1/E1, up to as many as 4 T1/E1s. DS3 traffic is point-to-point With T1/E1 traffic, DS-0s can be bundled to be sent to multiple end points. This allows the T1/E1 traffic to be sent from one IP-6700 point to many IP-6700 end points.

Transmission Protocol

The IP-6700 uses UDP packets to transmit the T1/E1/DS-3 information. The UDP packets are formed of AAL1 cells of 48 bytes per cell. AAL1 is the ATM Adaption Layer.

TDMoE Front Panel

Application Notes

IP-6700 T1/E1 over Ethernet Applications Note describing the use of bundles, cells, and IP bandwidth required to be successful transporting T1 TDM data via ethernet.

IP-6700 Configuration Quick-Start Guide provides insight into the local site information required for a quick, successful configuration and installation of the IP-6700.

Ordering Information

To specify options, choose from list below:
Note: RoHS compliant units are identified by the letter G appearing immediately at the end of ordering code. ACC-PC-EU ACC-PC-UK ACC-PC-AUS ACC-PC-CH
Model (non RoHS compliant) Model (RoHS compliant) Description
IP6700-aa-bb-cc-dd-pp-add IP6700-aa-bb-cc-dd-pp-add-G Includes SNMP
Power Cord (All power cords are RoHS compliant)
ACC-PC-USA ACC-PC-USA AC power cord for Taiwan/America
ACC-PC-EU AC power cord for Europe
ACC-PC-UK AC power cord for UK
ACC-PC-AUS AC power cord for Australia
ACC-PC-CH AC power cord for China
aa, bb =
E75 for 75 ohm BNC E1 interface port
E120 for 120 ohm Twisted Pair RJ48C E1 interface port
T1 for T1 interface port

cc and dd (optional) =
E75 for 75 ohm BNC E1 interface port
E120 for 120 ohm Twisted Pair RJ48C E1 interface port
T1 for T1 interface port
22 for V.35 DTE interface with DB25 connector
33 for EIA530 DTE interface with DB25 connector
44 for X.21 DTE interface via DB25P to DB15S conversion cable
66 for V.36 / RS449 DTE interface via DB25P to DB37S conversion cable
77 for RS422 / V.11 DTE interface with DB25 connector
DS3 for DS3 interface port (port C only)

pp = DC for 20-72 Vdc power source
AC for 100-240 Vac power source (For AC choose an appropriate power cord)

add= LCD front panel / Keypad

Example: IP6700 E75-E75-22-22-AC
is a unit with two E75 ports, two V.35 DTE ports, and 100 -240 Vac power.

Where the 4 options, aa,bb,cc,dd can be equipped with 1 DS3, 0, 1, or 2 DTE cards and the remainder all E1, or all T1

Please call for pricing and additional ordering information.

Typical Pricing:
List price for a IP-6700 having two T-1s through 100BaseT with a 100-220 Vac power supply is $1,160 .

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