Loop 4300 E-1 to T-1 Converter and T-1 to E-1 Converter

Convert E1 to T1 or T1 to E1 with DACS capability

  • Full translation of digitized voice between E1 and T1, including A law to mu law and signaling format
  • 2, 3, or 4 ports, each provisioned for either E1 or T1 line interface, long or short haul
  • Up to 2 ports may be V.35 interface
  • Each DS0 time slot from any port can be assigned to any DS0 time slot of any port
  • Each DS0 can be designated as a 64 Kbps clear channel, or as a voice channel
  • 2-line by 16-character LCD for maintenance, performance monitoring, and administration
  • Telnet and SNMP management via included Ethernet port
  • Multicolor LED indicators for each of 4 line interfaces

Front Panel
Network Management Port
T1 Interfaces
E1 Interfaces
Performance Monitor
How to Order
Printable Data Sheet



This is a ful featured E1 to T1 converter (or T1 to E1 Converter).

The Loop-V 4300 Mini DACS E1/T1 converter provides both DS0 and nX64 Kbps cross-connect between any T1 and E1 ports and E1 to T1 format conversion functions. The E1 to T1 conversion includes line format, A-law to mu-law conversion, and signaling conversion. The conversion function is quite useful when extending foreign E1 lines into the North American T1 network. This unit is suitable for applications involving 2, 3, or 4 ports.


E1 Port

Network Line Interface(E1)

T1 Port

Network Line Interface(T1)

Performance Monitor


Network Management via ethernet port (SNMP or telnet access) or console port.

Ethernet Port

Console Port


Keypad 4 keys: left arrow, right arrow, ESC, and ENTER

Front Panel

LCD 2-line by 16-character display
LED 6: Power, Port A, Port B, Port C, Port D, Alarm



In all configurations, a maximum of two ports may be V.35 interfaces.

How to Order

Please phone a DCB product specialist at 800-432-2638 for pricing and configuration options.

Loop-V 4300 M Loop-V 4300M Main Unit with 2 Interfaces (specifyt Interfaces) $ Call
Loop-V 4300 T1 T-1 Interface Additional Port for above $ Call
Loop-V 4300 V.35 V35 Interface Additional Port for above $ Call
Loop-V 4300 E1 E-1 Interface Additional Port for above $ Call
Loop-V SNMP SNMP Management Option for above Call

To order specify:

Where each AA, BB, CC, and DD can be:
  • E1 - E1 long haul & short haul
  • T1 - T1 short haul & short haul
  • V35- V.35 DCE interface
  • AJ : advanced jitter
  • AA and BB must be specified CC, DD, AJ, are optional SNMP is standard and must be included PP : DC or AC for power option


    Loop-V 4300 T1-E1-E1-SNMP-AC is a unit with one T1 port, two E1 ports,and SNMP. Power is 90-230 Vac.

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