Transports T-1 up to Eight Miles Over One or Two Pair Wire

H-3300 T-1 Over Two or Four wires for Long Distance

Front View
Stand-Alone Version Front View
  • Extend T1 or E1 over 1 or 2-pair wires
  • Extend up to 8 miles, depending on wire gauge and number of pairs
  • Setup via front panel or serial console port
  • DTE interface options in addition to T1 are V.35, EIA530, X.21, RS449
  • Line rates up to 2056 Kbps
  • Uses industry standard G.shdsl line format
  • Each unit can be set as master or slave
  • A 16-unit mount chassis is available
  • Each rack card shares a controller card with front panel keys and 2-line by 40 character LCD display, with optional ethernet, SNMP, and telnet

Distance - Speed - Wire Size Chart
T-1 Interface
Front Panel

Download the Manual (PDF version)
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The H3300 provides high speed digital transport over one or two twisted copper pairs using G.shdsl technology. Versatility of this series comes from a choice of digital interfaces and a choice of data rates, with the lower data rates applicable to longer reaches.

The H3300 is ideal for extending the T1/E1 demarcs on a campus, in a shopping mall, in a large building. It can use twisted phone pairs or Cat5 cable. One pair or two pair can be used. Two pairs offer greater distance. See the distance chart under specifications.

The H3300 is very easy to install. One unit is set as master, the other as slave. Only the master needs to be set. The H3300 makes it very simple to extend a T1/E1 demarc or install a local bridge or router. See the quick start guide here.

A rack version is available for central office or central site use, while a stand alone version is intended for customer premises installation. Either version, installed in pairs, can provide: 1) a T1/E1 link, 2) a high speed data link with DTE interfaces, or 3) a data access to T1/E1 with DTE interface at one end and T1/E1 at the other.

For larger systems using a rack version with the shared common controller card, the H3300 supports configuration and diagnostics using keypads and LCD display on the front panel, or from a local or remote terminal. This enables users to execute in-service diagnostics and fault isolation.


Port Specifications

Front Panel Controls/Indicators

Distance Chart


Application Drawing

Application Notes

Quick Start Guide This is the quick start guide that shows some details required when configuring the H-3300. You'll want to have a copy of this page and the front panel setup guide (below) when you go to install these.

Tales from the Trenches- Front Panel Configuration This is a one page "cheat sheet" that some of our technicians use to configure the H-3300 from the front panel. We always prefer terminal-based configuration methods when possible, but that's not always available.

Download the Manual (PDF version)

Ordering Information

Please call for pricing and additional ordering information.

Typical Pricing:
List price for an H-3300 having one T-1 interface transported through 4 wires, 100-220 Vac power supply is $695 .

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