IP5200 - Async Router

IP5200 - Low Cost Two Port Async Router


The IP-5200 is a discontinued product.

Please see the IP-6600 router for a replacement which is also industrial rated and contains many new features.

The IP-6600 router data sheet is here.

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The IP5200 router is an Internet Access Server and dial-in PPP server used for connecting an office LAN to the Internet or connecting a remote office to a corporate network. The IP5200 has two RS232 serial ports which can be used in a variety of ways.

The IP5200 can be used with two dial up modems to an Internet Service Provider to provide high speed connections via dialup. For example, if the links were made with two ISDN terminal adapters, each running 2 ISDN B channels, the IP5200 will provide a bandwidth over the dial lines of approximately 256 Kbps.

Two modems can be used for dial on demand routing, where the calls are made only as local LAN users need to connect to the Internet using Multilink PPP.

A pair of the IP5200's can connect two offices together via one or two ISDN or analog modems, or the DCB DL-56A async DSU to make a dedicated or dial-up routed connection.

Since the IP5200 has two ports, it can be used with one or two dial up modems to provide dial in access to an office. If the office has full time Internet or an employee needs to get into the office LAN at night or while travelling, the router can be used for PPP dial in. This provides access from home computers or the laptops of travelling employees.

The IP5200 is very easy to set up, using the graphical Windows 95/98/NT setup program that is provided with each unit. The IP5200 software also provides the capability to set IP Address, DHCP Server, DNS (Domain Name Server), to configure the modem attached to each port, setup LAN to LAN connections or dial-in use for each port, view current link (connection) status, set or change the access password for this device, create/maintain a static routing tables, view current status, create/maintain user database for Dial-in, add, delete, modify users, enable/disable dial-in access by individual users.


Two 9-pin DE-9P RS-232 ports, speeds to 230.4 Kbps per port
10/100 Ethernet port, auto-sensing or switch selectable
Full or half duplex ethernet
Auto-Disconnect timer
Multilink PPP
Network Address Translation
Remote dial in access
Point to point dedicated async routing
Services up to a full class C address (253 users)
Windows 95/98/NT graphical setup utility
Access Controls

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Five position DIP switch for:

10/100 ethernet auto-sense
Force selection of 10BaseT or 100TX ethernet
Full or half duplex ethernet
Force DHCP off


Power requirements: 120 VAC, external power
Supply, 12VDC, 800 mw 60 Hz, 22 Watts
4.8" x 3.7" x .8"
One pound

Operational Temperature: -40 to +70 C
Storage Temperature: -50 to +75 C
Humidity: <95% Non-condensing>
Power Supply Options may affect temperature specifications


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IP-5200 10/100BaseT Router with Two Async Ports PRODUCT UNAVAILABLE

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