Handheld Ethernet Performance Test Set - ETTA

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Test Ethernet Traffic Performance Quickly and Simply
Ethernet Transmission Test Set
  • Compact hand held ethernet test set, an ethernet throughput tester for bench or field use
  • Test end-to-end path ethernet for bandwidth needs in Pseudo-Wire applications
  • Low-cost alternative to expensive ITU-T Y.1564 Ethernet Service Activation Test Methodology testers
  • More accurate than free Iperf type tests using PCs as a ping checker
  • Verify adequate bandwidth and network jitter for ROIP and VOIP implementations
  • Acceptance verification for MPLS bandwidth and Carrier Ethernet throughput
  • Hand held, battery operated ethernet test set or use AC adapter
  • Simplifies complex testing, verify ethernet bandwidth availability
  • High performance, up to 80,000 pps, full wire-filling flood tests
  • ETTA saves hours, days, even months of time
  • ETTA tests include multiple network jitter test, ping, and bandwidth tests and a simple ping checker function
  • 10/100 MDI/MDIX ethernet interface
  • Two hour run time internal battery
  • Easy firmware auto-update menu option
  • Color touch screen
  • 120VAC external 5VDC power supply
  • Low Price - $995




ETTA, the Ethernet Traffic Test Appliance, is an ethernet traffic bandwidth tester. It is an easy to use hand held, powerful test set that is economical enough to put in the hands of every technician, yet powerful enough to give accurate, reliable test results. It's much more useful than a simple ping checker.

A typical scenario for ETTA is the installation of Pseudo Wire circuits. Without using ETTA ethernet test set, installing a Pseudo Wire circuit can literally take days, weeks or even months. Using ETTA, the circuit path can be evaluated quickly and easily, and best of all, virtually automatically.

The ETTA can verify adequate bandwidth and jitter performance for VOIP or ROIP installations prior to installing the hardware. Jitter testing is invaluable when troubleshooting streaming protocols. Use it to prove to your connetivity vendor that they aren't providing the bandwidth you paid for, or to verify that your bandwidth problem lies elsewhere. Use the jitter metric to tune end devices for proper jitter buffer operation. This is a practical alternative to using bulky ITU-T Y.1564 test equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars. This ethernet test set is much more than a simple ping tester... it can fully load the communications circuit for true measurements.

Compare using ETTA to either installing the Pseudo Wire equipment or using some OAM device. Both approaches, the Pseudo Wire equipment or an OAM device can take hours to configure, hours of testing to check performance, and then hours more evaluating results and fine tuning the equipment to fit the applications.

ETTA can eliminate the time consuming trial and error testing with a simple automatic test. ETTA can eliminate hours on the phone with vendors, multiple attempts to fine tune settings. ETTA will pay for itself in a single installation.

Unlike using tools like iperf and PCs for testing, the ETTA can fully load a 100Mbps connection and the test results are accurate, not an artifact of Windows or Linux bandwidth and driver limitations.




For accurate results, an ETTA should be used at both ends of the link. While it will work in conjunction with PC as an echo responder when using the PC Compatibility menu item for the bandwidth echo test, PCs rarely have the actual bandwidth (throughput or PPS capability) to accurate measure high speed transports.


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Application Notes

Testing Ethernet Bandwidth using the ETTA with a PC Ping Responder
While the ETTA works best in pairs, giving an accurate analysis of the communications path, it’s possible to use a single ETTA in conjunction with a PC for sime bandwidth echo tests. While this approach isn’t as accurate as having an ETTA on each end of the path, it provides adequate results for many uses and is useful for those times when there isn’t an ETTA at a remote site. PCs will only work for with the Bandwidth Echo test.

Telex Dispatch Network Testing
A Bosch-Telex specific detailed paper on using the ETTA to verify a proposed network transport is suitable for Bosch-Telex radio dispatch installations. Network analysis prior to dispatch console installation insures a quick, less difficult installation and documentation for future network problem diagnosis.

ROIP/VOIP Network Testing
A general paper on using the ETTA to verify a proposed network transport can adequately handle ROIP/VOIP (Radio Over IP/Voice Over IP) traffic. Network analysis prior to dispatch console installation insures a quick, less difficult installation and documentation for future network problem diagnosis.

Coming Soon
Using the ETTA to verify a proposed Packet Network Transport can adequately carry TDM pseudowire traffic.

Bit Error Rate Testing
Information on bit and block error testing, how to calculate bit errors, test paterns, block errors, hardware issues, and more. This information mainly pertains to serial connections, often transported via the ethernet network. It may help in understanding the importance of the errors you discover.

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ETTAETTA, Ethernet Transport Performance Tester, battery/ 120VAC powered, includes one super-flex ethernet cable and protective case $ 995 Qty:
9801039Additional super-flex Ethernet cable, 3' $ 12 Qty:
9801038Optional power cable. A short USB-A to coax plug cable, allows ETTA to be used with external battery packs $ 12 Qty:

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