ESP Electronic Security Perimeter Appliance

ESP Electronic Security Perimeter Appliance

  • Provides NERC CIP security perimeter
  • Industrial temperature rated -20 to +70 C
  • 1 Asynchronous RS232 9-pin DTE port
  • 2 Expansion serial USB ports
  • 3 – 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports
  • Remote syslog activity logging
  • Radius server authentication
  • User name and password authentication
  • SSH to serial
  • SSH to Telnet
  • Transparent ethernet firewall
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Web https configuration
  • Statistics logging and diagnostic tools
  • Compact size, Stand-alone, DIN rail clip option
  • AC and DC power supply options

How To Order
Security Modes
Transparent Firewall Capabilities
Connection Modes
Downloadable .pdf data sheet
Application Notes and Manual

Common Applications

  • Secure Legacy operator interfaces in critical locations
  • Lock down modem connection lines
  • Provide centralized RADIUS authentication for older equipment
  • Convert Telnet interfaces to SSH
  • Provide an audit trail for all equipment access
  • Provide a SSH interface for serial device ports
  • Create a transparent ethernet firewall
The ESP security appliance is ideally suited for Critical Infrastructure Protection regulations propagated by NERC and some FIPS standards.


The ESP is an industrial rated electronic security perimeter add-in device used as a front end for legacy devices requiring modern security features. The ESP is used to protect against electronic security intrusions, meet NERC-CIP requirements, and to meet new corporate security standards, etc.

The ESP is the solution when...

The ESP has one built in 9-pin serial DTE serial port and 2 USB ports for connection of up to 3 serial devices that require modern security features.

The ESP has three 10/100/1000 MDI/MDIX Ethernet ports, one for network connection, 2 to connect to the Ethernet ports of devices requiring restricted access, Radius authentication or remote syslog.

The ESP provides several high security modes:

The ESP logs all access attempts, access statistics, and management functions.

The ESP is configured using the serial port to set the initial IP address, and an HTTPS web interface for more detailed configuration. An administrator must be authenticated to perform any remote management.

It may be used to meet NERC Cyber Security Standards CIP-005-2 and CIP-005-1 to establish and secure the electronic security perimeter (CPS) around critical cyber assets.



Security Modes

Transparent Firewall Capabilities

Connection Modes





How it works

In an ethernet protection application, the ESP is installed between the local ethernet network (typically connected to Eth3) and the equipment to be protected (typically connected to Eth1). It's then configured as a transparent firewall containing black-hole features, as a RADIUS enabled front-end authentication box, or as a SSH front end to the protected equipment's telnet port.

For a serial protection application, the ESP is installed between the equipment to be protected and the incoming serial line. It provides authentication and serial "firewalling" to protect the RS-232 serial interface.

In both of those typical installations, the ESP uses a remote RADIUS server for centralized authentication or an optional local authentication database. In all installations, the ESP can be configured for remote syslog logging of an audit trail.

The ESP can also be configured to allow SSH access to the legacy equipment's serial interface. In many cases, this option will allow the removal of vulnerable telephone modem lines since more secure ethernet is often being installed in CIPS locations.

Download a copy of the manual.

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