DCB-500+ Wireless Transceiver

This product has reached end of life and is now obsolete. If you have need for a replacement unit, please contact us at 217-897-6600 and we will check for contingency stock. If you were considering it for a new installation, please contact us to discuss alternative products.

  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  • Range to 20 Miles
  • 900 MHz
  • Asynchronous 1.2 to 921.6 Kbps full duplex
  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Use with DCB EtherSeries point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridge for high speed ethernet
  • Front panel RS232 serial management port
  • Freewave OEM transceiver card based



The DCB-500+ spread spectrum transceivers provide reliable long range data communications. Using frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, the DCB-500+ is capable of uncompressed user data rates of over 500 Kbps. Distances of 20 miles or more are possible.

As well as providing long range reliable data links, the DCB-500+ transceivers set up quickly and incur no ongoing fees, unlike cellular and land line communications. Monthly phone company costs are eliminated.

The DCB-500+ transceivers operate point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, with or without repeaters, selectable using any async terminal program. Repeaters may be used to extend the range by programming the DCB-500+ to operate as a store and forward unit. With up to two repeaters in a link and external antennas, link of 60 miles and beyond are possible.

Transceivers are assigned unique electronic serial numbers at the factory, providing control of who does and who does not have access to the data. An optional mode allows the transceiver to respond to a set of AT commands.

When used with the DCB EtherSeries Bridge (ESB), the combination provides a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint system that is ideal for remote offices, SCADA data collection, marine mobile data collection, etc.

Applications for the DCB series include:

Application Notes

The 500+ wireless transceiver is 10 times faster than most 900 Mhz transceivers such as the DCB115 wireless transceiver.

Our 500+ wireless transceiver provides the greatest advantage when used with the new ESB-R ethernet bridge. When used together, the ESB-R and the DCB-500+ interface speeds are set to 921,600 bps. This provides for continuous full duplex throughput approaching 600 kbps.

The 500+ wireless transceiver, when used with the IP-9600, provides a flexible router-radio combination with 2 ethernet ports, a wireless link and 3 serial ports.

The DCB 500+ can be managed through the serial port or the front panel setup port. The setup port uses either an RJ45 line cord and a DCB PC Remote adapter (p/n 9802014) or the DCB green management cable (p/n 9500023) and a PC Direct adapter (p/n 9802012). These cables connect to a pc 9-pin serial port.






Power, Carrier Detect, Clear to Send


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DCB-500+ Transceiver, wireless, high speed $ 1350.00

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