BT-1 RS-232 Bit Error Rate Test Set BERT

Asynchronous BERT now with DNP-3, Modbus, and Mirrored Bit Testing!
  • Compact hand held RS-232 BERT Tester for bench or field use
  • Syncronous speeds to 64 Kbps, asynchronous to 38.4 Kbpsfor all BERT tests
  • BERT bit error rate and block testing
  • DNP3 and Modbus Host or Drop simulation
  • Monitor and test DNP3 or Modbus address polling
  • Compatible with Fireberd 6000 for 63, 511, 2047 synchronous tests
  • Mirrored Bit Test
  • Polling and bit error rate testing
  • Continuous and timed tests
  • Stop on error function
  • Serial port test
  • Input and output hardware and software flow control
  • Timing tests including echo time, RTS/CTS delay and many more timing functions
  • Low Price - $995



The BT-1 Bit Error Rate tester is designed with features found in no other BERT tester in its price range. These functions include handling input and output flow control, both hardware and software flow control. Timing tests include RTS/CTS delay, character counting, round trip delay times, bit gain and bit loss testing, counting the number of control lead transitions, the order of control lead transitions, high or low status of input leads, etc.

Polling tests may be syncronous or asyncronous. The BT-1 BERT can be set as a host with up to 16 drop BT-1s for polling tests, DNP Polling tests, or Modbus Polling tests. The polling tests also provide control over timeouts, retries and block size. Poll response timing tests as well as go/nogo testing is conveninet.

The BT-1 BERT can also be configured as a DNP3 host or drop, or a Modbus host or drop. The monitor function test will monitor and report DNP3 or Modbus addresses being polled. The BT-1 works with both Modbus/ASCII and Modbus/RTU. The Mirrored Bit timing test is used to test communications pathways for SEL substation equipment.

Tests may be run continuously, for times ranging from 10 seconds to 15 minutes, or automatically stopped upon receiving an error. In short, there is not another test set in its price range that provides the comprehensive range of tests for the price of the BT-1. All this and portability, too.

Setting up the BT-1 is easy with the 16 key keypad. Test parameters are set with the "set parm" key, tests are selected with the "set test" key. It is easy to navigate the LCD screen with right, left, up and down arrows. Starting, stopping, and pausing a test is a simple keypress.

The BT-1 is an excellent bench test or field testing tool. Time and again it has been invaluable in locating problems in polling systems, multiplexer systems, carrier communications, wireless systems, and more. Unlike a PC based tester, the BT-1 is lightweight, very portable, very flexible, and comprehensive in its test capabilities. The BT-1 is an excellent bench test or field testing tool. It has been invaluable for locating problems in polling systems, multiplexer systems, wireless systems, and more. Unlike a pc, the BT-1 is lightweight, very portable, very flexible, and comprehensive in its test capabilities. For synchronous RS232 testing the BT1 “talks” with the obsolete Fireberd 6000. The 6000 is 18.5 pounds, the BT-1 1 pound. The 6000 is 975 cu. inches, the BT-1 only 56 cu. Inches. And best of all the BT-1 in not obsolete and is reasonably priced.

Test serial communications with 63, 511,2047, all hex values, all printable characters, QBF, and numbered QBF block tests. The BERT works well as both an asynchronous tester and synchronous link tester. The Modbus and DNP3 polling tests can be accessed directly using DNP3 Key for DNP3 or MDB for Modbus. HOST mode polls a specific remote address for one specific 16-bit register value and displays the response. DROP mode responds to host polls with a 16-bit value that is incremented after each valid host poll. The FCN tests monitor a Modbus RTU or DNP3 network to capture and display host or remote addresses. The test menus available in the BT-1 are the result of years of hands on experience tightly coupled between the day to day test bench personnel using the product and the BT-1 software design team. At DCB, when a new test is needed for a new product or unique problem, it is immediately incorporated into the test menu and is exercised on a daily basis. If there was ever a test found to be useful and one that the BT-1 is capable of exercising, it has been incorporated into the BT-1.


Tests (grouped by Test Controls)






Upgrade your older BT-1 tester

The latest BT-1 firmware upgrade added new tests that are often used in SCADA and industrial controls. Included in this ugrade are testing and monitoring for Modbus (both ASCII and RTU), DNP-3, and Mirrored Bit operation.

Upgrading the older generation BT-1 testers requires opening the unit and installing a new firmware ROM. We make this easy by providing an "Upgrade and Accessory" kit, which includes the firmware ROM, cable accessories, and even the tools required to open the unit and perform the upgrade. Most telecommunicaitons technicians can perform this operation without any problems. More information on the Upgrade and accessory kit is available on this page. The kit may be ordered online below or via phone or fax.

Application Notes

Using the mirrored bit test features
Mirrored bit operation is used in many power utility installations. The BT-1's MBit test performs a short one or four byte message length test to verify communications paths used in "mirrored bit" systems.

Bit Error Rate Testing
Information on bit and block error testing, how to calculate bit errors, test paterns, block errors, hardware issues, and more.

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