9502204 HD44 to Four RJ45 Adapter for Loop Quad Mini E&M cards


  • Adapts HD44 connector to 4 - RJ45 E&M ports
  • Easier cable connections
  • No cable pigtails requried
  • Used with Loop AM3440 B, C, and D models or Loop V4200-9
  • Simplifies wiring
  • Compact Size
Quad E&M card with 9502204

How To Order
Pin Out Wiring
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It is much easier to connect E&M devices to the Loop Telecom mini Quad E&M card using the DCB 9502204.

With the 9502204, use line cords instead of expensive and bulky HD44 cables.



Connectors: One HD44 male connector to four RJ45 connectors on a circuit board with screws to fasten to the Loop interface card.

RJ45 Connector Pin Outs

Pin # Description
1 SB
2 M
3 RING 1
6 TIP 1
7 E
8 SG


How it works

Simply plug one adapter to each HD-44 connector on the interface card and secure with locking screws. RJ-45 cables plug into the adapters.

This data sheet is the manual for this product. Click here to download a PDF copy of this data sheet.

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Due to the nature of this product,
we prefer that you phone us and discuss your application prior to ordering this product.

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9502204 HD44 to RJ45 Adapter for Loop 4 port Mini E&M Interface (Sold individually, you may need two per card) $ 41 Qty:

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