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Another School 10 Mbps Wireless System is Turned up by DCB.

The Mendota, Illinois Elementary School District now connects their three schools, Northbrook, Lincoln, and Blackstone, as a single, fast, 10 mbps ethernet.

DCB just completed the installation of 10 mbps ethernet lan links for Mendota. Each school has a radio tower, 80 feet high at the Northbrook school, 65 feet high at Lincoln and 65 feet high at Blackstone. One link is 8/10 of a mile, the second link is 1.1 miles. The ethernet radios are the model 875 , operating at 23 ghz over a licensed radio link.

This installation is the culmination of almost a year of planning by the school district. Superintendent Bob Chinn began evaluating alternatives in November of 1996. The evaluation process included various wireless and fiber solutions, including the use of power company poles. The power company alternative took months of discussions before it became clear that the power company pole approach faced far too many obstacles.

In June, after reaching the decision to use 10 mbps wireless links, the detailed installation process began. This included locating the towers, constructing the towers, the licensing process, and finally, installing the radios.

The system has already proved to be rugged and reliable. Mendota passed the first difficult test on the 26th of October when the town was hit with 8 inches of heavy wet snow that devastated many trees in the town, but had no effect at all on the wireless lan links.

Mendota will soon be testing video over the lan, delivering streaming video, Internet, and administrative data over the wired and wireless lan. This network is truly a model network for schools as they build communications infrastructures for the 21st century.

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