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Reducing Phone Line Cost with Microwave Bypass
(In this case, even using a Passive Repeater)

A customer asked DCB for help obtaining fractional T-1 data service and additional voice lines between their corporate office and a facility in rural Colorado. There was no available cable in this sparsely populated rural area so the local phone company was unable to provide the needed bandwidth . The closest area with adequate capacity was in the town of Florence, about 6 miles away. We verified that T-1 service was available in Florence, but discovered that there was no microwave line of sight path between Florence and the location needing service. Although the plant site included some top of the mountain areas, this building is located in a valley. We designed a system using a passive repeater mounted on high ground at the plant to bounce the signal down to a dish mounted atop their building. We used our 950 units with full T-1 data streams. These units easily span 6 miles with up to four T-1 circuits. At the Florence end, a small dish was mounted at a building on one of the higher hills. DCB handled frequency coordination and licensing. The customer installed the repeater and mounted the two-foot dish antennae. DCB aligned the system and wired equipment at each end. After physical alignment of the two dishes and repeater, the link was up.

At this site, fractional T-1 service was needed for LAN interconnections. We used FT-2 DSUs with drop and insert to add local voice lines into the data stream with DCB voice multiplexers. Microwave bypass is cost effective since a full T-1 link may cost as little as $12,000. The passive repeater a bit unusual since it requires no electrical power or maintenance and costs less than an equivalent conventional repeater.

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