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Flash ROM Reload Procedure
for the BR-ASI/X01 Router


1. Firmware upgrade.
Performed when there's a new release of firmware.
2. Loss of internal firmware.
LEDs 3,4,7, and 8 flashing in unison indicate a loss of program code and configuration. At this time, the system is running from default ROM and must be reloaded using TFTP or Routerview software.


  1. If this is due to firmware loss, verify the problem. Remove the WAN connection and ethernet connection from the router. After start-up, the LEDs should flast 3,4,7, and 8 in unison. Make sure the WAN is disconnected during this test.
  2. Install the router on a network along with a workstation using Routerview software. Do not connect the routers WAN port. The router defaults to IP address so this LAN segment will use that IP address range. Make sure this doesnt interfere with other equipment on the LAN segment.
  3. Change the IP address of the Routerview workstation to Reboot the workstaton. This workstation must contain the Routerview software and a firmware load (.dld file type).
  4. If you want to verify connectivity, ping the router at to verify that the workstation can reach it.
  5. Run Routerview. From the main screen select Administration, then TFTP Download . Enter the IP address as the target. Select the proper download file (file type dld). and press OK
  6. The download may take several minutes.
  7. After the download, Routerview returns to the main screen. The router will restart after a minute or so.
  8. Use normal Routerview commands to change the routers configuration. If you have a previously saved version of the router configuration, you can import that configuration into Routerview and download it to the router.
  9. Change all IP addresses to their beginning values.

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