RS-232 Surge Suppressor - RJ-45 Connectors

  • Provides Surge Suppression for RS-232 Lines
  • RJ-45 connectors are pinned to match all DCB RS-232 equipment having RJ-45 connectors
  • Inexpensive solution to ground loop and lightning problems




Surge suppression really works and is highly recommended, especially in lightning prone areas. Because DCB manufactures the SR and SPL multiplexers, we have years of experience and statistics about lightning damage and repairs. The DCB repair statistics clearly show the effectiveness of surge suppression. Customers that have had seemingly endless grief with blown out RS-232 ports find that their problems are over for good after installing the surge suppressers.

Every summer, repairs due to lightning damage used to be almost overwhelming. About 3 years after introducing our surge suppressers, the summer repair peak in lightning areas has been eliminated.

The DCB SR (RJ45) Surge Suppressers are the most reasonably priced and effective units available. All DCB Surge Suppressers use frame ground connection to equipment so external earth ground connections are not usually required. Our SR surge suppressor protects cables terminating in RJ45 connectors that match DCB equipment.

The RJ45 connectors follow RS561 wiring (RS-232 presented on an RJ-45 connector), the same as the DCB SR multiplexers. If you have a system that uses RS-232 in an RJ45, but with a different pinout, DCB may be able to provide short RJ45 cable adapters or special wiring pin outfor larger quantity orders.

RS-232 Surge Suppression
Protects RS-232 circuits from surges caused by lightning and ground loops
RJ45 version - Two RJ-45 modular 8-conductor jacks Protects pins 1,2,3,5,6,7,8, pin 4 is ground
Uses avalanche diodes
SR Surge Protector is 1.75" long, 1" in diameter

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