RS-232 ASCII Controlled Remote AC Power Switch - SPS-01

Remote AC Power Control
  • Remote AC Control Unit
  • Provides Status output
  • Compatible with most 9600 bps RS-232 interface devices
  • Simple RJ-45 connections
  • 10 Amp Rating
  • Rack Mount Option Available
  • Power ON, Power Off, Re-boot Remote Equipment
  • Out of band power control
  • Out of band reboot
  • Simple ASCII power control commands... ON, OFF, CYCLE, SHOW, FLIP, etc.
  • Quiet ASCII commands... 1, 0, C, S
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States of America


Control Input
AC Output
Indicators (rear panel)
Operation (when used with DCB Access Switch)

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The Serial Power Switch SPS-01 controls AC power to any remote equipment by using ASCII commands received through an RS-232 interface. The SPS-01 allows AC powered equipment to be turned on, off, or power cycled from any remote PC, terminal, or other RS-232 connection. No configuration is required, however the dwell time for a power cycle may be set.

The SPS-01 also echos commands and provides status back to the controlling device so the remote operator knows if power to the controlled device is on or off. If the connection to the controlling terminal is lost, the SPS-01 maintains the current status of the switch.

The SPS-01 may be used in conjunction with any device having a 9600 bps RS-232 interface... DCB remote access switches, multiplexers, or any other devices with an RS-232 output port. Commonly used for typical out-of-band reboot and out of band power control.



One AC power port
One RS-232 control port

Control Input

Connector: RJ-45 (8-wire)
Various RJ adapters available to PC-9pin, PC-25pin, Modem, etc.
The SPS-01 requires only Rx and Gnd connections, and returns responses on Tx if present (No other RS-232 signals are used)
Input commands are received from the RS-232 port at 9600 bps, 8N1 or 7N1
The data rate is fixed at 9600 bps.

AC Output

One port 120 VAC, 10 amp continuous

This product uses a solid state relay switching the AC power for long term reliability. Solid state relays always allow some leakage current when in the off state. For this product, leakage current may be as high as 7 ma to 14 ma. Some applications may require a mechanical relay which do not allow leakage current, this product is not appropriate for those applications.

Indicators (rear panel)

AC Power on
Load Power on

Operation Commands

The SPS-01 responds to commands received via the RS-232 port. Commands may be verbose or quiet. Verbose ommands are ASCII commands using either upper or lower case letters and numbers terminated by a (return key). Quiet commands are single letter commands and do not require a terminator. After acting on each command, a response is returned. Commands are echoed.

Verbose Quiet Use
on 1 Power ON
off 0 Power off
flip f Invert state
cyclecInvert, pause, invert state The cycle command takes a single argument, NNN, number of seconds to pause during the cycle. Once entered, this value is saved until changed with another cycle NNNN command or a power cycle. The quiet command "c" does not allow the parameter and uses the last saved value. Save this value through power cycles by using the Write command.
Enter Key Enter Key Show current state
show sShow current state
quiet vToggle quiet/verbose command mode
write wSave current settings. This will save the cycle time, verbose/quiet mode, and power state to non-volatile memory. If power is cycled to the SPS-01, the last saved settings will be restored.
help?Display help screen


Power requirements: 120 VAC, 10 amps or less, depending upon attached equipment
Dimensions: 1.5" x 5.75" x 5.5"
Rack mount option available (3 units mount in 1.75" of rack space)


Remote AC Power Control

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Item Number Description Price Buy Now!
SPS-01 Serial Remote Power Control - 120 VAC $255 Qty:
9802014 Adapter used to connect to a PC having a 9-pin DE9P (PC-9 pin connector) $ 12 Qty:
9802013 Adapter used to connect to a PC 25 pin DB25P (PC-25 pin connector) $ 12 Qty:
9802018 Adapter used to connect to a Modem 25 pin DB25P on an auto-answer modem $ 12 Qty:
9505014 Unpinned Adapter, RJ-45 to 9-pin DE9P (PC-9 pin connector) $ 12 Qty:
9505012 Unpinned Adapter, RJ-45 to 25-pin DB25P $ 12 Qty:
9500030 7' RJ-45 line cord used between above adapters and the SPS serial port $ 7.85 Qty:
9902090 Optional DIN rail mounting clips $ 5 Qty:
9902095 19" Rack mount bracket for 1 to 3 SPS-01 units $ 75 Qty:

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