CIP-ALL Pseudo-wire E&M / FXS/ FXO/ V.24 / E1 / Analog Transport Over Ethernet-IP

Migration of audio services such as E&M, analog leased lines and POTS telephone lines for remote industrial equipment and VOIP/ROIP

The CIP-ALL connects legacy analog, voice frequency equipment through an Ethernet - IP Packet Network. Older equipment usually has 4-wire Leased Line or 2-wire FXO/FXS POTS telephone line interfaces, sometime with embedded modems. The CIP-ALL replaces those telephone lines with an ethernet connection, allowing the Internet or private networks to replace hardwire phone lines.

The CIP-ALL processor delivers high performance, extremely low latency, and perfect distortion-free transport of the analog signals. The CIP-ALL provides multiple emulation protocols and a dual 10/100 BaseT and optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to adapt to any network requirement.


E&M & Leased Line Interfaces
FXS Interfaces
FXO Interfaces
E1 Interaces
V.24 RS-232 Interface
10/100 Base T Ethernet Interfaces
Optical Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
Ethernet Switch Features
Pseudo-Wire Packet Processor
How to Order

Benefits of CIP-ALL Analog Line Replacement

  • Analog interface conversion over Ethernet - IP
  • ALL : Analog Leased Line voice circuit emulation
  • EM: E&M voice and signaling emulation
  • FXO / FXS : POTS line emulation
  • 4x analog modules - ALL / E&M / FXO / FXS
  • 1x E1/G.704 interface
  • 1x RS232 serial interface, RS232 over IP conversion
  • 2x optical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with SFP sockets
  • 4x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces
  • Pseudo Wire Emulation over IP - Ethernet
  • G.711 Codec, Zero distortion 64 kbps sampling
  • Voice Frequency transport over IP, no deterioration of the analog signal
  • CES over PSN and SAT over PSN
  • QoS, 4 transmit queues per interface
  • Per port Rate limiting
  • Per port VLAN and 802.1Q
  • Ethernet frame buffer : 1 MB
  • MAC address memory : 8K
  • Secured and intuitive management : ssh, http, https, snmp, ftp
  • Graphical MIB for SNMP-C
  • Robust metallic enclosure, 19’’, wall and DIN rail mounting kits
  • Operating temperature: -10° C to +60°C, fan-less
  • Dual power supply inputs : 12 -24 or 48 Vdc, and 110-230 Vac mains adapter


    The CIP-ALL emulates and transports up to four analog leased lines, E&M and FXO/FXS telephone interfaces over Ethernet - IP. The analog interfaces are 300 - 3,400 Hz voice frequency type as per ITU-T M.1020 standard for the leased line or E&M voice emulation, and classical FXO/FXS, 600 Ohms impedance, for the telephone interfaces.

    The CIP-ALL carries the voice frequency channels through pseudo-circuits over Ethernet / IP (Bundles) in compliance with the established CES over Packet Switched Network (RFC 5086) standard. The Analog to Digital conversion is performed by a G.711 CODEC and a high performance processor that delivers a minimum transfer delay and distortion-free transport. Each interface may be encapsulated in a dedicated IP Bundle. This technology does not compare with VoIP as it delivers faster transfer delay, full G.711 quality, which is compatible with any modem application.

    The CIP-ALL has four 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interfaces and two GigaBit Ethernet interfaces with optical SFP modules. Several products can be chained to deliver many more analog interfaces. Any user equipment can connect to the network through the copper or optical interface thanks to the high density of accesses delivered by the CIP-ALL. One of the Ethernet interfaces can deliver a 12.5 W Power over Ethernet supply to an IP camera or VoIP set, for example.

    The CIP-ALL provides an asynchronous RS232 interface to carry any data from an asynchronous application over the IP network. Data is transported through a connected TCP or a datagram UDP socket. An adaptation layer takes care of the asynchronous data consistency for specific applications.

    As an option, the CIP-ALL receives a E1 addon interface to connect a PBX-like terminal to the packet network through CES over PSN or SAT over PSN (RFC 4553) pseudo-circuits. Every 64 kbps timeslot can be transported over a dedicated pseudo-circuit over IP.

    The CIP-ALL manages the Quality Of Service at all Ethernet access. It classifies all incoming traffic and directs them to four transmit priority queues at the outgoing interface. Several Ethernet and IP applications may then share the same network while the equipment takes care of prioritizing critical traffic.

    The CIP-ALL comes in a robust metallic enclosure and different mounting options for DIN rail, wall or 19’’ bay integration. It is powered from one or two supply sources of 12 -24 or 48 Vdc.

    The CIP-ALL is controlled from an intuitive and powerful management interface with secured ssh and https protocols. Clear user friendly menus make it easy to configure and run the product. A full set of IP, ftp, snmp protocols serve the integration into a global snmp network management system.



    E&M & Analog Leased Line Interfaces

    FX Interfaces

    FXO Interfaces

    E1 Interaces

    V.24 RS-232 Interface

    10/100 Base T Ethernet Interfaces

    Optical Gigabit Ethernet Interface

    Ethernet Switch Features

    Pseudo-Wire Packet Processor



    How to Order

    The CIP-ALL is available in multiple configurations with various interface and power options.
    Select the preferred configuration and order online or call our technical specialists. Be sure to include the internal power supply option, and any other desired options and accessories.

    Our product specialists are available at 217-897-6600 or 800-432-2638 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote. We may also be contacted via the Internet at this link

    Due to the number of configuration options available, expect delivery in about three weeks.

    Order Options

    Questions? Phone us toll free at 800-432-2638

    All units include one RS-232 interface and four 10/100BaseT and 2 SFP 1000SX/LX interfaces.
    Standard power supply is -40 VDC. If needed, optional 120VAC and 12/24 VDC supplies should be ordered.

    Item Number Description Price Buy Now!
    CIP-4ALL-C1 CIP-4ALL-C1 with 4 Analog Interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1367 Qty:
    CIP-4EM-C1 CIP-4EM-C1 with 4 E&M Interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1514 Qty:
    CIP-2ALL-2S-C1 CIP-2ALL-2S with 2 analog interfaces and 2 FXS interfaces, -48VDC powered $1288 Qty:
    CIP-2ALL-2O-C1 CIP-2ALL-2O with 2 analog interfaces and 2 FXO interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1296 Qty:
    CIP-2EM-2O-C1 CIP-2EM-2O with 2 E&M interfaces and 2 FXO interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1368 Qty:
    CIP-2EM-2S-C1 CIP-2EM-2S with 2 E&M interfaces and 2 FXO interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1362 Qty:
    CIP-4S-C1 CIP-4S-C1 with 4 FXS interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1160 Qty:
    CIP-4O-C1 CIP-4S-C1 with 4 FXO interfaces, -48VDC powered $ 1175 Qty:
    CIP-2S-2O-C1 CIP-2S-2O-C1 with 2 FXS and 2 FXO interfaces,-48VDC powered $ 1167 Qty:
    -C2 Optional 12-24 Vdc Power Supply $ 30 Qty:
    +AC-Conv +AC-Conv, Add 110-230 VAC to 48VDC 35W power supply. $ 60 Qty:
    +POE Add POE to Ethernet port 1 $ 169 Qty:
    /RACK-19-1CIP /RACK-19-1CIP, 19 inch rack brackets for 1 CIP $ 62 Qty:

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