Analog (Voice) Circuit Replacement
DCB Product Overview

DCB provides a wide range of products to help you migrate analog voice (and other legacy circuits) that are being discontinued by carriers to IP / Ethernet /MPLS circuits. These replacement circuits may be copper, fiber optic or wireless connections. As always our industrial grade products are available with a variety of power supplies and mounting options and come with US based tech support because “DCB makes it work for you.”

AVA Voice and Data over Ethernet or Serial Connections DCB’s AVA product supports a single 2-wire FXS/FXO, 4-Wire E&M, 2-Wire E&M, or “Hoot and Holler” audio channel over any Ethernet transport (or Sync and Async serial channels). The AVA can provide exceptional compressed voice quality at speeds as low as 2400 bps as well as supporting ADPCM and PCM 32 and 64 Kbps channels. It can also multiplex a RS232 channel along with the voice channel over a single interface and can communicate point to multipoint when PTT or E&M signaling is used to control the host unit. Suited for applications needing low bandwidth or true fidelity but not requiring mission critical redundancy. $920 (6 VDC native with 120/240 AC power supply – other options available). More information here.

CIP-ALL Pseudo-wire E&M/FXS/FXO/V.24/E1 Analog Transport over Ethernet The CXR CIP series provides 2 or 4 analog interfaces and an RS-232 channel as well as 4 Copper Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 switch ports and 2 10/100/1000 SFP Ethernet ports. RSTP Ethernet ring protection is supported. Communicates using Industry standard CESoPSN and SaToP protocols so it can interoperate with other equipment such as the Loop AM3440. More information here.
CIP -2ALL 2 E&M(audio only) $ 1,256.00
CIP -4ALL 4 E&M(audio only) $ 1,368.00
CIP -2ALL-2S 2 E&M(audio only) + 2 FXS $ 1,288.00
CIP -2ALL-2O 2 E&M(audio only) + 2 FXO $ 1,295.00
CIP -4S 4 FXS $ 1,160.00
CIP -4O 4 FXO $ 1,175.00
CIP -2S2O 2 FXS + 2 FXO $ 1,167.00
CIP -4EM- 4E&M $ 1,513.96
CIP -2EM-2S 2 E&M + 2 FXS $ 1,362.01
CIP -2EM-2O 2 E&M + 2 FXO $ 1,367.57
All prices based on dual 48VDC power – Other available options include 12/24 VDC power, POE on first ethernet port, mounting options, please ask.

IP-6704 T1/E1 via Ethernet The Loop IP6704A unit provides up to 4 T1/E1 or combinations of T1/E1 with up to 8 E&M analog interfaces and an RS-232 interface in a compact unit that supports 4 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces – 2 copper and 2 SFP. Communicates using Industry standard CESoPSN and SaToP protocols so it can interoperate with other equipment such as the Loop AM3440 and will soon support MEF8 (layer 2 / MAC to MAC / Non-routable / NERC CIP compliant) . RSTP Ethernet ring protection is offered. More information here.
IP6704 1 T1 $ 825.70
IP6704 1 T1 $ 825.70
IP6704 2 T1 $ 853.30
IP6704 4 T1 $ 908.50
IP6704 4 E&M $ 1,409.90
IP6704 8 E&M $ 1,904.40
IP6704 4 E&M + 1 RS232 $ 1,603.10
IP6704 1 T1 + 4 E&M $ 1,437.50
IP6704 1 T1 + 8 E&M $ 2,049.30
IP6704 2 T1 + 4E&M + 1 RS232 $ 1,775.60
All prices based on dual 120/240 VAC + 48VDC power – other options available Other configurations and interfaces are available – please ask.

AM3440 blacd chassis high density interfaces over TDMoE The Loop AM3440 blade chassis equipped with TDMoE cards is an ideal solution for transporting a large variety and high density of analog interfaces over TDMoE. It supports CESoPSN and SAToP, MEF8 and provides both Copper and Fiber Ethernet connections. It also supports proprietary card, port and bundle protection as well RSTP Ethernet Ring protection. The AM3440 comes in 3U and 5U chassis and can support 80+ E&M, RS232, FXS or FXO Channels in a fully protected setup. Also can be used as the central aggregation point with numerous CIP or IP6704 units at the end points. It also supports the ABRA card allowing analog bridging of E&M circuits. Starting around $6,000 the AM3440 can be configured to support a number of interfaces and you can find more information here. Please contact us for a specific quote.

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